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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't like the huge battles?

    They made one step in the right direction with the city rebellion system but it's still too little cause one independent city is just an annoyance at best, now if lords were pissed with the monarch and rebelled taking 1/3 or 1/2 of the realm with them that would be a real problem that would stop the snowballing faction right on it's tracks.
    I always see the rebelling city to join the kingdom of its culture.
  2. Am I the only one who doesn't like the huge battles?

    This is why I hate long drawn out battles. Boring trickling waves of enemies coming to the meat grinder, that will never succeed and just kill more troops.
  3. Understanding Relationship Building - Im confused

    When I wanted to make friends with a clan I wanted to recruit, I broke 3 of them out of prison and got 100 relations. Since those fiefs were neutral to me I didn't even have to sneak in lol.
  4. Am I the only one who doesn't like the huge battles?

    You can add the forests / tight maps, for huge battles. Unmanageable. Huge battles need PLAINS / LOWLAND; not mountains nor forests.
    Some forests are actually great for big battles, even better than other "open terrain" maps which are basically just football fields with invisible borders.
  5. Am I the only one who doesn't like the huge battles?

    I hate big battles because the reinforcement mechanics makes all kinds of tactics pointless, just send your troops to a meatgrinder as the enemy pours in a continuous stream.

    But I love it when the enemy retreats in an orderly fashion instead of fighting to the last man and running straight back with no regards for self preservation. In the orderly retreat they will fight back and suicidally charging into their shock infantry can be fatal lol.
  6. Actually managing villages is there any hope?

    Once again mods come to the rescue, Garrison Do Something implements that more or less, patrols created from garrisons when they detect small enemy parties nearby like bandits or single lords and guerrilla attacks to passing armies that forgot Medieval warfare 101.
    Well forget mods, I'm even scared to get the official updates in fear of bugs haha. Maybe once the game becomes more stable...
  7. Actually managing villages is there any hope?

    Just reporting a 2000 man army in the middle of my lands would suffice lol. Though I wish garrisons were more than passive nuisance. Village militias should attack nearby looters, a town garrison of 300 should attack a passing 100 man party.
  8. Elaborate "Lead by Example" leadership lvl200 perk

    Does "recruit melee prisoners faster" count both cavalry and infantry? And does "cavalry troops generate shared xp" affect horse archers? Also, does lvl225 perk "Trusted commander" apply to horse archers, or only foot archers?
  9. Thanks Taleworlds

    I don’t use horses with Battanians. For the sake of lore. Lol
    You are strategicaly right with forests.
    I use many Fians since they are their elite troops.
    Then Oathsworns in VI and Wildling in I, requires micro but allows infantry groups on both left and right sides.
    And Falxmen in IV that I keep far from arrows as much as possible, but once again requires micro.
    Requires twice as much infantry than archers to protect them (not completely properly lol)
    And around 20-25 falxmen to idealy lead into archers or help vs cavalry.
    There's that perk which makes you much faster in the forests if you are mostly foot soldiers. That would be the ideal "Battanian" thing to do. Even the Neretzes' folly reminds me of the Teutoborg forest ambush lol. I love the falxmen and fians but the rest don't seem to do very well imo. Shield infantry already suck a lot in the game, Battanian narrow hexagonal shields make them super useless in shield walls.
  10. a mercenary section in the kingdom tab pls

    Influence, I assume. Tastes great, I have heard...
    Or like a mercenary player - he payes them for victories...! Which is quite few for such kings...
    Mercenaries get paid by converting the influence they have into money, i.e they are supposed to get paid for every victory, even against looters.
  11. a mercenary section in the kingdom tab pls

    I thought mercenaries had only one job and that is to serve landless kings who fight guerrilla warfare. What does he even pay them?
  12. Garrison troop tier?

    What i do is put some elite troops and the rest are tier 2 and 3 for the numbers to make it less desirable for the AI to target it.
    It really depends on the location and if you want to bait the enemy to attack a specific location or not.
    If it is not bringing you too much money, put less elites.
    I like to have security high because it boosts loyalty as well and gives relationship bonuses
    If you imprison lords, high security fiefs will have a higher chance to keep them in the dungeons longer

    I only use armed traders if i am low on garrison and want to remedy that quickly. They have no armor and they are frankly pathetic, if i fill my garrison, i either donate them or give them to my other parties
    I didn't know about security affecting prisoner escape chance! I always just drop them in other clan's dungeons for opinion and influence boost.

    This is less about defense and more about security and prosperity. I don't know how the autocalc compares different troops but AFAIK they prefer closer targets, so I'll usually put more troops in frontier garrisons if I'm away. But my strat is usually massive offensives and continuous war on a single faction, making their armies small and weak as clans start leaving.
  13. Thanks Taleworlds

    Not if you want Fians to function at full power.
    I don't understand. Trees are advantageous to foot troops as they slow down cavalry charges and horse archer encirclement. Battanian troops are basically designed for that role. And you get forest speed boost, so you can pick and choose your fights with more control. Plus fians have OP accuracy, are you afraid they will shoot trees instead?
  14. Garrison troop tier?

    I'm losing 5,000 gold a day with mostly tier 5 to 3 garrison troops. I want to replace most of them with "Militia spearmen and archers" but don't know how to get them, apart from hiring prisoners.

    I'm currently keeping about 200 garrison in castles and 300 in cities, to deter war .. expensive but seems to be working.

    Those seem like a LOT of garrisons. I wouldn't suggest keeping as many unless those fiefs are in the frontier against an enemy at war. You're better off patrolling around and keep at most half as much garrison. If an enemy army comes you can just go inside your fiefs and raise defender numbers. Its also a good idea to let them start a siege battle, get casualties due to massive disadvantage and then you swoop in when the garrison is low to defeat the rest of the army and gain huge amounts of prisoners wounded from previous battle. I don't like breaking inside my fiefs for siege defense usually because I carry high tier troops and have low tactics.

    Anyway, having militia or armed traders on your payroll is quite terrible because they are terrible troops and still take your money. But if you boost your settlement militia (i.e separate from garrisons) they are fantastic because they're free.
  15. Garrison troop tier?

    So I suddenly own most of the Khuzait fiefs after expelling the clan that held those (tier 4 with only 2 members). Is it better to spam a lot of tier 3 garrisons? Or should I put top tier troops there? I think the tier 6 noble troops cost double for the same security value compared to a recruit...
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