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    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    Oh boy, this is a long list. Thank you so much for all the work!
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    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    Lovely, can't wait for the new changes and implementations. Thank you for keeping us on the loop.
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    SP Native Medieval Danheim (viking mini mod)

    Hope everything works out for you, bro. Do you plan on changing the music aswell? I don't know if the name is even related.
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    SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    Can't wait to make Rohan proud! God, TW needs to release the modding tools asap!
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    B Medieval Fantasy Silmarillion - A Tolkien Project

    Interesting, I'll definitely be checking this thread out more. Thank you for the work, guys.
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    SP Fantasy Mount & Warcraft

    I'll definitely keep an out for this one, excited to see this coming to Bannerlord.
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    SP Other Naked Females

    I love this community.
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    SP Native Custom Banners and Uniforms Color Pack (CBU Pack)

    Thank you for this mod, I'll definitely be using it.
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    SP Native Entrepreneur - Dark Age Real Estate!

    Is it possible to release a localization file for translating your mod aswell? I've been translating a few mods to my native language.
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    SP Native Revolutions - towns can revolt!

    Is is possible to release a localization file for translating? This is also a great mod, thank you.
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    SP Native Party AI Overhaul and Commands

    Still waiting for that localization bro, great mod.
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    SP Native Bear my Banner

    Thank you for this mod.
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    SP Native Kingdom Creator for Bannerlord

    Great mod, tested it when it came out and bugged for me, but seems like you already pushed a hotfix out. I'm going to test it right now. Again, thank you for the mod, hope you bring even more mods to life. Something so simple as to create your own kingdom should've been a native thing in the...
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    [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    Brytenwalda ~ Viking Conquest type of mod. Not focused on either side, literally having just a viking age ~ England invasion mod where you can either play as an anglo-saxon, northmen or dane, pictish, briton, normans. Religion dispute between paganism and christianity as the dane-vikings...