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    Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    Good times!

    I'd say its gotten worse around here, not surprising. People are giving up, and take it out on the forum.
    Not enough content for the game is being created, people dont want to play, so they start talking **** on the forums instead. Its the Mercenaries effect.
    I don't play MP but I do check the forums to see if there are improvements. There never is. They took a game that was amazing and still played to this day, and made it crap. And when everyone in Beta told them it was crap, they said 'no, your opinions are wrong'. Then they released the game and people tried it, and tried some more, and then realized it was just crap so they all left except for a few who are just stubborn I guess?

    Anyways, the players knew what they wanted and posted what they thought could improve the game, but the devs refused to believe that they were wrong, and assured us that there was a 'silent majority' who approved of everything they did. Then player count dropped by 90% which could imply that that silent majority was silent because there was nobody there.
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    Open petition to remove couchlance from the game completely

    I'd say shorten the couch time and make it a friendly fire thing. People just drive around the streets with couch on and hope someone happens to be standing around a corner or there is a group of infantry fighting each other that they can run through at no personal risk.
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    The servers are in a worse state than 1 year ago

    I'm hoping it is proximity chat since I don't want to have to hear everyone... once I start playing the MP mods (I just can't do native).
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    what mod is going to replace native?

    cRPG/Strategus or Mercenaries mod.
    cRpg for sure! If they are able to fix the horrible combat that is...
    what mod is going to replace native?

    i think at this point everyone is waiting to mod native into something the community wants,

    i think its going to be napoleon but i was hoping for a samurai mod

    is anyone out there working on napoleon mod or another type of multiplayer mod to look forward to?

    i would love to hear from modders about how easy it is to modify this game bc i really want to make a samurai mod if no-one else is

    thank you for the feedback
    and cRpg1 had weabo gear, so cRpg 2 probably will too.
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    What kind of player does TW want MP to actually appeal to?

    Do any Warband players like Bannerlord MP? I've yet to meet one.

    As far as eSports goes, the only videos I liked watching from M&B was the big battles, not 6 on 6. cRpg ones were great because you could recognize players through their armour and personalized clan banners.
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    Shields are OP (combat balance)

    I use Realistic Battle Mod which makes the AI even more defensive, and yes, I do find it annoying when a low tier enemy turtles behind his shield when all I want to do is quickly kill him so I can get to where I'm going. But c'mon, that is exactly what a scared soldier would do.

    Battlefields are not the place for duels. As said, flanking is the best way to tear apart your enemy foot soldiers. And quite frankly I wish the soldiers would be even more defensive. Even with Realistic Battle Mod I don't have time to attempt maneuvers. I'm trying a Cav-less Sturgian army this round, and I would love if I could use my line-breakers effectively to either flank or to... well... break the line. But then I'd need some shielders to protect them from the enemy ranged, plus split my regular troops into two, three or maybe four divisions so I can either spread them out or pull back, plus have a reserve which I could use to add men to flagging divisions.

    But this will never happen. In real life two equally sized battle lines could fight for hours until exhaustion set in. A soldiers first and main priority was staying alive. Spears kept everyone a healthy distance away from each other, and the shields were never ever lowered. Now I'm not saying every battle should last several hours, but even if you had two equal armies fighting face to face with no flanking or any tactics it should at least last ten minutes.

    So I say lets make AI even more defensive, and give recruits shields. It's odd that the worst soldiers would not have one of the cheapest pieces of equipment to produce.
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    Suggestions And Wishes for Mp

    Seriously why do people only talk about spears vs horse ? Spear inf beat cavalry easily, its not the problem. The problem is that all the other weapons are absolute trash and only bounce on the horses for 3-5 damage. When a horse gets reared by a spear in the middle of infantrymen with 1h weapons, the 1h weapon need to DAMAGE the horse.
    Yup, stopping a horse is not a problem. It's preventing him from leaving again that is.
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    So I played MP again... we need friendly fire

    Well I'm happy to hear they tried it. I would suggest every TW/TK come with a monetary penalty. The 3/4 of the cav at least wouldn't be able to afford horses.
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    So I played MP again... we need friendly fire

    And I just dunno. I played Sturgian and my favourite build was 2 handed axe Warrior with improved armour. I would have liked a pike to deal with cav, but that is not an option. I did good, came in 4th or so, but it wasn't much fun. First of all, as always, is the stupid cav. I don't mind...
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    MP Native cRPG

    I preferred getting my ass kicked in cRpg rather than kicking ass in any other mod.

    And the rush you get when you win a strat battle even though your own KD was 2/18..

    cRpg was great because people either worked as teams 80% of the time, or just goofed off. To be in a fight knowing your left and right were safe, and your companions were there for you made the game 10X better than native.

    If Bannerlord gets proximity VOIP it will be so much better. There is nothing worse than being flanked and not being able to tell your buds about it.

    Every cRpg player learns how to fight in a team according to their skill level. We can't all be heroes, but we can all help the heroes. In cRpg its the winning team that gets the rewards, so if you can't be the greatest, at least you can be a good soldier and feel good about helping your team.
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    AI is too stupid for this game

    AI was stupid in Warband too. That is why I always tried be marshall. I don't know how many times I slapped my forehead in disbelief regarding the decisions of AI. I feel safer using auto calc.

    I do really wish that the fighting would slow down a bit. When two melee lines meet, it takes about 3 seconds for one side to break the other. If the soldiers would turtle up a bit more and try to stay alive we could have time for tactics. Flanking or breaking through the line was always the path to victory in real life, and it could be here too since it is a simple concept that AI should be able to grasp. It can split the cavalry up, so it should be able to split the infantry up too. If they have greater numbers, have two smaller groups of infantry try walk around the flanks and attack from behind (currently, even when inf is killing the last clump of enemies they all attack from the same direction when they could easily swarm them). And, if outnumbered, it could put 'line breaker' infantry in the center and try to smash through the middle. An oblique attack could be an option too (put top tier troops on one side who push, and weaker troops on the other who fall back).

    Most battle plans in medieval times were very simple since communication was difficult. You'd think the AI could have a few preset plans, and all we'd need then is a little time to implement ours.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    So happy the sandbox is here! I was tired of living someone else's life. And the terrain feature is the most exciting thing since Zendar. But I do hope the new maps aren't just more urban warfare.
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    Why dont you add new maps?

    I am sure inf players would enjoy this :lol:
    As an inf player, yeah, we would. At least you can see the cav coming, and you won't have range on the walls picking you off.
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    Why dont you add new maps?

    I would like to see some field maps. Just rolling hills with a few trees here and there. Easy to make and a nice change to the constant urban warfare.
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    A thread for veterans

    There's a difference between enjoying a game, and playing it because you belong to the same ethnostate as the developers and must stand by what your fellow countrymen has done nonetheless of its imperfections. Unfortunately, the latter, yet how ridiculous it appears, seems somewhat true. At least from what you can tell of the voluntarily given location of users on the forums and comparing them to those being white knights and those being realists, and from who's still populating the servers in-game.
    Oh, I think I know why:
    "Individuals commit the sunk cost fallacy when they continue a behavior or endeavor as a result of previously invested resources (time, money or effort) (Arkes & Blumer, 1985)."
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