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    High expectations u got there, TW is still trying to figure out the 15 year old code for climbing siege towers.
    :ROFLMAO: rekt
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    roads & pathfinding

    Great idea!
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    Sieges got worst?

    So I've once more given a chance at the game after the new patch and everything was okay and all until i did a siege battle. Is it just me or the AI seems more confused than ever? My soldiers just running around when they climbed over the walls until they got killed. The archers in front of...
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    Sooooo is it worth comming back trying out the singelplayer out again

    sooooooo I havent played the singelplayer for about 4 montsh id say and has there been any major improvments or should i just keep waiting a bit cause i want to have a good campaign not just stuff being broken ?
    Sadly not yet... Going to come back in a few months.
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    Player kingdom and AI war declaration

    I created a kingdom ( I had three castles and 2 cities) from a single sitting of the game was at war with one AI nation and holding them off then peace for a while. Turn off computer and come back the day after to continue. The second I load the save All AI nations declare war one by one on my...
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    Siege Battles and Siege AI

    Yhea sieges are a mess...

    Had to retreat from a siege i had won because AI got stuck in a wall.

    My archers would just run to the wall and stand there being peppered by arrows and not reacting.highest level archers would just stand behind barricades and do nothing while militia ai archer headshot them from afar.

    Ladders and towers (with ladders) are just borked.

    The siege engines do seem better tough. I've had some fun with .5 and .6 but I'll wait some more before starting a new campaign.
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    Vlandian infantry need a buff

    i've noticed too that my sergeants where getting absolutely slaughtered compared to other lower level units in most battles. shame I really like having uniform vlandian armies..
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    OMG !! Get rid of that map !!

    The gulch battle (where they jump off the cliff) + suicidal cavalry + horse archers just running aroung not shooting has made me stop using cavalry completely.
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    Devs feedback

    The frequency is not really important, as long as there is meaningful content.
    It has been mentioned on one of the first blogs that they work in a different way in TW, so let's not shove the corporate bull**** down their throats.
    They've delivered so far, no reason to put pressure and stress them out.
    that is a sensible argument. I think i'll reconsider my position. Thanks for the take.
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    Devs feedback

    To what frequency do you feel devs should keep us updated?
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    In Progress Troops not using ladders

    same issue with buggy ladders. They will either stay stuck, never go up or if they do they use one ladder and send the archers first :facepalm:
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