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  1. Need More Info When finding a wife for my Brother, I receive Males as his bride?

    Summary: I'm married no problem, even have a kid. Went to offer my brother's hand in marriage to a clan, but the "bride" they pick is their eldest non-married MALE. I checked to see if maybe they had zero non-married females available, but they do have a daughter that is not married and...
  2. Resolved Battle Grouping spawns far away/with the Enemy as battle starts

    Correction: This may only take place in "village settings." If you engage in battle near a village and the battle takes place in the setting of the village, this is when that grouping seems to spawn 100+ meters away.
  3. Resolved Battle Grouping spawns far away/with the Enemy as battle starts

    So I separated my "spear men" and put them in the number fifth grouping, nicknamed "skirmishers." I never had an issue until this last quick fix or update that just went out. Basically, once the loading screen finishes and the battle starts, my spear men, grouped into "skirmishers," are placed...
  4. In Progress Continuous Crashing

    In case it helps more, I resubmitted the bug via the crashuploader so I could attach an identifier. It is: 2020-09-03_03.23.51_7fafe39984e18708af3ebe5f9780fc63
  5. In Progress Continuous Crashing

    Hello, is there any mods installed to your game? or have you installed any mods before? If not can you please send us a save file where we can reproduce the issue? You can send the save file to me directly via DM or upload it to the address. Please paste the link to this thread and your username of the forum in your description so i can identify it.

    Thanks! I uploaded it.
    No mods and never had any. Let me know if you need anything more!
  6. In Progress Continuous Crashing

    I am having the same issue but it only happens for a siege. It crashed during the loading screen after I select "lead an assault." It happened with the previous version (1.4.3 I believe) and now still on the 1.5. If you guys want more data, I can gather my stuff as well. If you think the original thread creator is enough data, then I'll wait patiently until its patched :smile:.
    Seems my quest to claim calradia will be on hold for a bit.
  7. Infantry formations are broken in army

    It is becouse lords\captains on mounts in squad. Try to kill his horse.

    Before this patch, I had "captains" or companions on horseback in my infantry line and they still held a tight formation. Not sure what changed with this patch but my losses went from 5-10 percent in battles to 30 percent simply because of these "loose" formations now. Rather unfortunate. My square formation supported heavily by my archers use to work wonders, especially when i was desperately outnumbered.
    But I'll try to pull them off the horses now as hopefully a "temporary" fix. Thanks
  8. Need More Info [1.4.3] Siege Defenders leaping off walls when ladders get placed...intended?

    Summary: I am a lord with the Battanians and we're fighting the Western Empire. We besieged a castle (I'll have to later update the exact castle as I'm still mid-battle). We have a ram, and a tower. They have 3-4 ballista and a catapult. I'm toward the right side of the front wall and there is...
  9. Bannerlord is missing many good features from Warband and VC

    Mods are the best way to add all the features you mentioned, then players can pick and choose which they want .. plus these feature mods will be developed quicker.


    My only thing is, a developers goal should be to build the best game possible without the additions of mods to fill in “standard” game elements.
    A mod should enhance the gameplay, not complete it.
    if a developer’s mindset (and I’m not saying it is TaleWorld’s, but just in general) is : “a modder can fix that.” Then why should I support that developer?

    now, I’m not saying that’s your viewpoint either. You’re just saying get a mod, it will fix it quicker.
    But as players/consumers, that responsibility should be on the developer/game maker, not on us and a player base or a mod community.
  10. Resolved Village needs seed grains bug 1.4.2

    ran into this issue myself.
    It actually seems to read it as a different quest...?

    So, I am to give 14 bushels of grain.
    I return and talk to him about the given quest.
    the NPC’s reply is: “have you tracked down those looters?”
    Well, you asked for grain, not looters...
    Which is why we cannot turn in grain to finish the quest.
    on top of that, the game seizes as the dialogue freezes.The game is still running and people moving, but I cannot exit dialogue. Had to quit and reload.
  11. Resolved "Cannot create save data"

    Just FYI - many of us with this "can't create save file" issue have found that we can save certain versions of the game. Personally I can play up to and including vers.1.41, but not vers.1.42 or vers.1.43 - so you could try to change the version you're using and see if it is possible to save there. It's a bit of a hassle as each variation usually takes 5-10GB of download to change. But if you REALLY want to try the game, that might be an option.

    awesome!! Thanks! I’ll try that out.
  12. Resolved "Cannot create save data"

    Just bought this game, so excited for it...but I can't save which obviously makes it unplayable unfortunately. I presume this has issue has been reported as I know there are 10+ threads from it. Just would like to know this is being worked on I guess. Kind of sucks to know what I have done literally won't be recorded. So, no point in playing until this is fixed.
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