Resolved Battle Grouping spawns far away/with the Enemy as battle starts

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No, I didn't use any mods.
So I separated my "spear men" and put them in the number fifth grouping, nicknamed "skirmishers." I never had an issue until this last quick fix or update that just went out.
Basically, once the loading screen finishes and the battle starts, my spear men, grouped into "skirmishers," are placed 100+ meters from me and often closer to the enemy than my own forces. This exposes them dangerously and often gets them cut down before I can move my forces to support.

I don't have any mods and never did.
Correction: This may only take place in "village settings." If you engage in battle near a village and the battle takes place in the setting of the village, this is when that grouping seems to spawn 100+ meters away.
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