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    Steppe Bow

    I personally, and many other good archers, shoot the rider if they try to come for me. A short spear is just not worth it as a perk when you barely use it, if you know how to play as an archer, of course.
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    Will there be an option to have profiles and not use the Steam name?

    Yes, Callum confirmed it long ago that it will be a thing, eventually.
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    RIP MP

    I find myself getting more enjoyment out of Warband Matchmaking and the 6v6 Warband tournament than Bannerlord MP. It's becoming a very salty joke for a game to remain untouched on essential aspects of combat for so long already.
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    The official reddit multiplayer feedback thread.

    I'm just honestly hoping something happens and they don't disregard any more feedback at this point, but it's good to see that most of the non-tryhard community agrees also.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    @Younes123 pointed it out a long time ago to me that the kicks trigger the stun on every body part they touch (so, if you kick someone's hand or even their foot while they're kicking, they will get stunned). An easy fix would be to allow just the stomach/torso to be the singular trigger for the...
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    Remove Battleye

    Oh, my bad. I didn't see that one.
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    Remove Battleye

    You should try to reinstall BattlEye, it seems to fix it for some people.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Actually, not even attacking is the same. For example, in Bannerlord, right swings are faster or the same speed as left swings, depending on the stance, and are longer. Not to mention the state of blocking.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    That sounds very promising. Does balancing gameplay refer only to things such as classes, stats and their perks or also combat mechanics?
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    What is the counter to players feint spamming?

    You will generally start noticing patterns as you get to fight an opponent longer. What I usually do is block the first few times they feint spam, during which time I try to see what their pattern of attack is. Most people I've fought engaged in swing - blocking for a couple of exchanges then...
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    [W6C] Warband 6-aSide Cup Sign-Up Thread [Groups Announced]

    Name: flavberg Nationality: ROMANIA Steam: Preferred Class: archer but i'm crazy inf too dude i'm literally the best
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    Re-enable freelook in first-person view

    There's no reason not to have this, I agree.
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    Solved [e1.0.5] Teleporting items when dropped

    Ah, very well. Thank you.
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    Couched lance - Low risk, high reward

    I think we need a rework of the horse rearing hitboxes before we can go too much into the state of couches, but I would agree with @Gab here, it needs a cooldown.