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  1. [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    Well hello guys. Long time no see. How ya'll been?
  2. Defenders of Faith Old Thread (Locked)

    serpent82 said:
    What server do we fight on if we are in this clan?

    DoF Duel Server. :wink:
  3. Defenders of Faith Old Thread (Locked)

    kidfresh said:
    Mad_Dawg you didn't have to comment if you dont have anything nice to say than dont say anything at all. the video is my video intro

    You made an intro that is over 2 minutes long? Unless you are producing a feature film, that is way too long.
  4. Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    It was fun playing with you guys tonight. CTF and Conquest can be entertaining when it's organized.
  5. Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    Mad_Dawg said:
    Trevty1066 said:
    Would that really translate well into a poll?

    Oh ye of little faith, for I say if you have faith as small as a mustard seed...

    Come on, I can spin anything into a poll/pun/snide or sarcastic remark.

    You are a spin master. I'd try to get you a job in politics but the President already ordered you to be shot. He misspelled your name but we all know who he was referring to.

  6. Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    Do you know what this new thread is missing? A new recruit. Do you guys think you have enough gold and glory to share with me? I promise to turn my mic down. :wink:
  7. Defenders of Faith Old Thread (Locked)

    Dear brethren,

    I have enjoyed getting to know all of you. It has been a pleasure to fight with you. I've spent many hours laughing and working with several of you. But now it is time for me to take a break. This recent clan drama has shown me that I am taking it too seriously. My job is very high stress and I play WB so I can take a breather from my RL. I will be resigning my position of Court Chief effective immediately and will no longer take an active role in the running of the clan.

    I am not saying good bye only see you later.

    May God bless your blades and guide your heart as we journey through this dark world.

    Long live the Defenders of Faith!

    Your friend,

  8. [TKoV] The Kingdom of Veluca ( Recruiting cRPG Warriors )

    You guys have no say in what happens with our members. They are our members not yours. But please be consistent in your wish for retribution. I have tried to reason with you all. I have tried to use logic and be rational about the entire thing. Unfortunately I am spending my philosophical meanderings for nothing and am wasting my time. I am done. I do not care what you do. I do not care what you say. I will ignore you all from now on. It is just a game to me and when it ceases to be fun I will walk away and enjoy something else.

    Good bye.
  9. Defenders of Faith Old Thread (Locked)

    Jakob Zaborowski said:
    I apologize for my outburst in this thread and any offense I caused, I hope this will end up as water under the bridge.

    Not a problem bro. Your apology is accepted and I hope you accept mine.

    We didn't appreciate Robert and the other TKoV guy coming onto our server tonight and flaming though. I thought this was settled when we all apologized.
  10. Defenders of Faith Old Thread (Locked)

    Mttaco13 said:
    Hey, I'm really sorry, about everything that happened here, I know because of me this discussion came out, but it was a simply joke, but I am really sorry, I apologize with everyone I offended with the "We dominated" comment, I was just joking, sorry.

    -Dante, Minister of War

    Apology accepted. Please accept mine for continuing the argument.
  11. Defenders of Faith Old Thread (Locked)

    Lord Willy said:
    as I said to Fear on Steam , I will be happy to Merc for you Guys :smile:

    It's good to see you again Willy!
  12. Defenders of Faith Old Thread (Locked)

    Jakob Zaborowski said:
    Marin Peace Bringer said:
    Alright, enough arguing!

    TKoV thinks they can dominate us:

    Mttaco13 said:
    Good Work in the Scrimm againts DoF, we dominated :smile:

    Yes because us easily defeating your clan in a scrim is not dominating, if it pleases you my freaking highness we shall make a new word that means the same thing!

    Dude! We had 4 mercs (out of 10 combatants) that you forced us to take and we played one or two down the entire time! Winning by 2 rounds is not dominating. Check the logs where I said that if we had to take the mercs the outcome could not be considered official.
  13. [TKoV] The Kingdom of Veluca ( Recruiting cRPG Warriors )

    Mttaco13 said:
    FearItself said:
    Mttaco13 said:
    It means what I think it means... you are a little disrespectful bastard (and I'll be because you are) calling "noobs", "suckers", etc in a scrim... wow! you really give your clan a good image :wink:
    (Referring to all your clan in general)

    This is sarcasm right? First off, you didn't "dominate" us. Secondly, not only did I not call anyone "noobs" or "suckers" you generally bombard chat with insulting banter and your statement would be rather hypocritical.

    Hint for future use. If you are planning on smearing someone and accusing them of unjustly calling people names, don't call them a "little disrespectful bastard" because that's kind of disrespectful too.

    Read the Bold, Italicized and underlined text please.

    I did, unfortunately it doesn't make any sense. Cohesive sentences are generally a good thing.
  14. Defenders of Faith Old Thread (Locked)

    To defend Dante, he does act very mature for his age most of the time. Seriously, the TKoV Dante is being super hypocritical, he is one of the worst flamers I have ever seen.

    Mttaco13 said:
    (That's right, a 14 year old is more educated than you :smile: )

    If we want to start a discussion on education, I would be happy to discuss that anytime. Being an aid to a U.S. Congressman that is on the Education and Labor Committee it is a topic I know a little bit about. Would you be interested in how the ESEA will affect the viability of NCLB's standardized test requirements? I will be writing talking points about it later this evening, fun stuff.
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