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    [M] Full Invasion [A co-op mod for WB] - 14th of June

    Cosmic_Nate said:
    does anyone still play this?

    Yes sure do, whereabouts are you based?
  2. Avatar_ICEMAN

    Mount and blade 2

    ArghoZ said:
    One thing that would be amazing, would be the ability to play multiplayer on the game map. Shouldnt be too hard to implement, or?

    Other then that im hoping for more customazition, more sim-aspects, like more building choices for castles, more variety in troops, more ways to administrate ur kingdom and towns and so on. I actually dont think they need to do much on the combat system and the fighting, except AI pathing, formations and such.

    I think they have a mod already for this called Persistent World.
  3. Avatar_ICEMAN

    Why did Oceania get screwed out of an official server?

    I'm keen to help where I can, might ask a few people as well see what they can do and how much it will cost.
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    Version 1.150 - 1.151 - 1.152 - 1.153 - 1.154

    Golradir said:
    Why would they?

    More like why wouldn't they.

    I mean the invasion mod is amazing, and to have that and the fact each Weston can have their own group and slowly upgrade them would be great, one team could be archers another Calvary etc

    I really can't see why not.
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    Version 1.150 - 1.151 - 1.152 - 1.153 - 1.154

    I'm just hoping I can setup 200 people battles in normal warband.

    Btw are they going to bring in captain co-op for warband? (The same as the fire and sword one)
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    Demon Mod (Download and original thread) (new 0.9 patch)

    Looks like it is going to be awesome I'll have to get it for mates, I'm keen to help add vampires and witches if possible.
    Thanks again for the mod
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    [M] Full Invasion [A co-op mod for WB] - 14th of June

    such a good mod, been having heaps of fun with it
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    SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    I agree, I have looked for this due to the TV series, also others I have spoke to are doing the same.
    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
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    Map Editor for Warband

    Will this work just to make/edit maps to play on e.g The Arena?
  10. Avatar_ICEMAN

    Map Editor for Warband

    Im excited about this, im wondering if there is a newer one though.
  11. Avatar_ICEMAN

    Asssassin Handbook (A guide to Assassin Hunt)

    Cheers for this, looks great.
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