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    So, I bought five new games today...

    I had no knowledge Fable 3 is out.  :lol: Just goes to show how behind I am in terms of stuff. I was only asking about 360 games because my 360 is hidden away in a mountain valley far-far away from my apartment. That way I won't get to play a lot and it won't interfere with school, college...
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    So, I bought five new games today...

    Hey guys, I am in the situation of having to decide which Xbox 360 games I'd like to buy in the near future (i.e. next week) and I thought I'd ask you about your opinions. Thus far I know I want Fallout: New Vegas, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassin's Creed 2 (and maybe Brotherhood), Mass Effect...
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    Romania are nevoie de ajutorul vostru

    Poate ca intentia nu a fost rea, dar modul de executare da. Alta data incearca sa nu fi atat de turbat impotriva celorlalti ci incearca sa porti o discutie civilizata, cu argumente. Am fost plecat din tara zilele astea, de aici si tacerea mea.
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    N-ai parinti?
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    La dorinta creatorului, acest topic este din nou open for business.
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    Idei despre un viitor mod istoric romanesc

    Ii lipseste si sticla de rachiu din dotare, sau bautura cu aroma de vodka. :P
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    Ce melodii ascultăm...

    Mi-a placut Inception atat de mult ca l-am vazut la cinema de 5 ori. L-as vedea si o a sasea oara, dar mi-e ca nu mai este pe marile ecrane. Sincer, film care sa ma afecteze ca asta nu a mai fost de o groaza de vreme. Si cat despre Craig Armstrong, l-as asculta cu mare placere. Pentru ce filme...
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    Ce melodii ascultăm...

    Eu ascult muzica de toate genurile, insa am o preferinta si o pasiune aparte pentru muzica simfonica si cea clasica. In special melodiile din soundtrack-uri imi plac, si va pot spune ca printre compozitorii mei favoriti se afla Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Howard Shore, Clint Mansell si diversi...
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    Native Enhanced BETA Release

    Suntem, suntem, dar eu din pacate abia de pot sa mai arunc un ochi p'aci de scoala. Sunt in clasa a 12a si nu am timp sa postez chiar atat de mult, doar sa supraveghez.
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    2010 Blizzard's Global Writing Contest!

    So have the results been released yet?
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    Were Longbows only used by the English?

    Perhaps the fact that French was the language of the noble and the learned in England until the first quarter of the Fifteenth Century does point to the peerage and gentry being somewhat more...cosmopolitan in their fashions and preferences, but all the same, we must not forget the shock that...
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    Yeah, most of it isn't that bad really. Sure, for one who knows a great deal about the subject, it might be easy to find flaws within the text, but most of them will be small technicalities that won't even make any difference to the lay-person. As a base of knowledge it serves its purpose...
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    Of, viata asta reala. Se vede ca a inceput clasa a 12a sa imi ia din timpul de internet. Odihneasca-se in pace.
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    Medieval Romania,115768.120.html Iti recomand acest thread pentru orice idei, nelamuriri sau sugestii legate de un mod romanesc, fie el medieval sau nu. Acolo sunt toate informatiile adunate pana acum si este un loc bun unde ti le poti depozita si tu pe ale tale.
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    Yes, but their stay was very short. They defended the southern borders of Transylvania for about twelve years before they were enveloped in a conflict of interests with the King of Hungary, after which they were shortly expelled from the kingdom with little thanks for the years they spent there.