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    Prime Matter new publisher

    Pachinko machine after that? Maybe Konami can help.
    Knowing Konami, they'll turn it into a damn good one.
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    Elephant DLC?

    Ugh...I am so glad I stopped talking my friends into buying this game when they started making modding more and more difficult. Until all this mess is straightened out that is not going to change.

    M&B was a masterpiece of simplicity and this one could have broken the mold and gotten games like this into the mainstream but something is severely wrong at TW right now. Its as if they have forgotten what it is they have here and are pretending they are a AAA game company.

    nowhere it says that i would be paid for.

    DLC can be for free as well...
    Yeah, after a game is released, not while its still in beta. If it was accidentally posted, it means they are keeping it out of the game on purpose and are actively working on content that they have no intention on having in the base game, while working ON THE BASE GAME.
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    POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    If this company publishes DLCs for Bannerlord. Are you going to buy it?
    No. A game like this should not require extra content and DLC means they are holding it back for more money later.

    The only thing I expect to see in this game is what we had with the original, Total Conversions passed off as "a new game". That is all Warband, WFaS and Viking Conquest were, conversions. Sure you can claim they were more but in reality they were not. Just the original games code, reworked and some extra features thrown in with reworked graphics like so many total conversions are.

    So a Bannerlord Vikings edition with a map of northern Europe with factions and religion system based on real world like Viking Conquest = fine and expected.

    A $5.99 DLC for a religious system = GTactualFO here...that should be in the game.

    That will also cause havoc in the multiplayer game as you are then creating a wall that will prevent many from being able to play with each other as the DLC will place people into subgroups of haves and have-nots depending on the type of DLC it is as some kinds will create incompatibility between players games.
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    POLL: Would you be OK with TW intentionally restricting modders?

    Considering both Warband and Bannerlord relies heavily on mods to be enjoyable for a long period of time, it would be insane to restrict modders.
    This, 100% this.
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    Summary of the news in the TC Modders Open Letter thread

    The big question is, how is it TW hires members of a TC modding team, yet somehow do not understand how they are making TCs difficult to make? This BS has made me lose faith in the future of this game and I have started actively telling people to hold off buying it until this clears up.
    Base Bannerlord, like M&B is not a good game. its a great FOUNDATION to mod off of, like Fallout, The Sims, ARK, Conan Exiles. But unlike those games, this one becomes great via Total Conversions.
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    FPS/Frame rate Drop after new patch (again!)

    You should read the below post. This hit the same week as the latest patch and may actually be the cause of your issues.

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    FYI windows 10 update KB5001330 causing gaming issues for some

    FYI, the recent Windows update KB5001330 is causing random FPS drops, graphic stuttering, sound, HDD/SDD and random BSODs for some as well as many other non-gaming issues. So, if you updated your windows and are now having game issues you did not have before, uninstall that sucker...
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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    I don't doubt that there are more mods now that there were in the past, but that's because the number of games and players has skyrocketed in the last few years, as well as the number of game developers (who often start out modding). That doesn't mean it's not harder.

    Back in the 90s and early 00s for example most games were made by a small handful of people and were relatively simple and self contained, and could realistically be reverse engineered even if there were no official tools. Most of the overhaul mods from back then were made by one person.
    Yeah dont go there mate, been playing games since the 1980s and not many people could mod before 2005 without any coding skills at all. Today, anyone can mod if the game has either official tools, professional tools the games use (like unreal), or player made tools released to the public. And then there are games now, made by experienced programmers with modding in mind like the previously mentioned Empyrion Galactic Survival (this is a survival combat game with a hint of NMS in it with a large randomly created galaxy in it that can have over 10,000 star systems) that just with Notepad++ and a little knowledge of how the game is laid out, you can mod all the basics (in Notepad++) because they MADE it to be modded easily. A bunch of .ECF files with basic game information for items/creatures/blocks and then .YAML files that handles all planet data, temperature, graveity, what life/items appear and how many, planetary objects like trees, rocks and all colors associated with it, all editable...with more files that alter how many planets, star name it, it can be edited and to create a new kind of existing creature all it takes is a simple copy/paste into the correct files and assigning an ID that is opened and creating/adding a loot list for it and if you want a brand new one, only requires creating a new skin to be created and exported to BMP and placed in the right folder and have your new creature call to it.

    No actual programming knowledge fact, many games being made with Unity 2018 or later, are easy as hell to mod.

    This is a snipit from a planets .yaml file
    Seed: 1
    PlanetSize: 3
    PlanetAxis: 21.54195
    TemperatureMinMax: [0, 45]
    TemperatureNight: 7
    HumidityMinMax: [0.1, 0.7]
    SeaLevel: 40
    TerrainLevel: 140
    BaseLevel: 0
    LandWaterRatio: 0.1070294
    TemperatureHeightRange: [30, 50]
    TemperatureGradientRange: [0.55, 0]
    TemperatureNoiseFac: 0.75
    HumidityHeightFac: [0, 270]
    HumidityNoiseFac: 0.9

    Gravity: -10.93
    Radiation: 0.0
    AtmosphereDensity: 1.4
    AtmosphereO2: 0.2
    AtmosphereBreathable: True
    GroundFogIntensity: 0
    GroundFogHeight: 0
    AtmosphereFog: 0
    PvP: False

    Want a larger planet possibility, just change 3 to 4 or 5. Altering planetaxis changes suns rise/set position. Temp max, is clear raise that 45 to 50 for a much higher possible max can change water to land ratios, effect of gravity and oxygen...all just by changing some numbers and then clicking the SAVE not even need to re-cook any files or anything. That is just a TINY portion of this file, everything about a planet can be changed. Even the skys color, color of grass(if there is any) a simple file opened in Notepad++. The only kind of better than average knowledge you would need would be if you were wanting to do animations and knowing how to do some graphics design to aid in making new skins faster. The game is so moddable you can create a TEXT FILE for your story and just import it in as long as you added in the correct contextual locations for where the text needs to be placed in the game. And if you want to create every aspect of a planet from scratch, you can do that also with one of several player made tools that does require a slight learning curve but should easily be able to nail it in a day or 4. The game isnt fully released yet, and already has more than a few full player made "scenarios" and over 100,000 player made ship designs on the Workshop.

    So sorry to break it to you man, but modding is not limited like it once was. It is prolific and there are far more mods now, because its far easier to mod...not just because there are "more games" that have it and it will continue to expand as more and more companies make games with Unity and Unreal.
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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Finally got to Callums posts. Thank. You. Some. Faith. Restored.
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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Ark is an unreal engine game...snipped since its just a dismissal

    Broadly speaking Earendil is completely right.
    Yep, when you dismiss everything that goes against a thing, its completely right.

    We can just toss out the fact that over 85% of the games on modding sites like Nexus were released after 2015 or that Steams Workshop has more than 3x the amount of games using it today than it did in 2015. That hurts the narrative that GAMES ARE HARDER TO MOD! Anything, ANYTHING to not have talk about how they are hard-coding things that DO NOT NEED TO BE HARDCODED...which is what is making modding more difficult HERE.

    THAT. IS. WHAT. IS. DOING. IT...not that all games everywhere are harder to mod, which is clearly a lie since we have to dismiss everything that isnt harder. It is that they are making choices that are making it harder, choices that do not have to be do know there is a chance they made changes like this without KNOWING its effect? It IS possible. Sure that points to their lack of programming skills or forethought but they are human and it wont be held against them if someone sees it, and changes it. That right there is actually how games are changing...smaller developers working more openly and closely with the community and I even gave an example in the post you were quoting from which you ignored in your need to dismiss what I was saying.
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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    If you want someone who is communicating the needs of the community to the developers, that's what the community managers like Dejan or Duh are for. It's not like we moderators have some kind of privilege access channel to the developers. Mind that John_M is another moderator who wrote here in favour of the open letter, who is actually a moderator at the Bannerlord modding section and who is also leader of the 'Kingdoms of Arda' mod team, probably the base initiator of the open letter.
    Wait, they did not create a chain of communication for you moderators?!? Mods see an issue, pass it up to someone that passes onto the manager that can speak to the devs? Ugh...that explains a lot then. These boards are not operating as virtually any other developer forum I have experienced...also did not notice John Ms post. checking for that now. Thanks for not getting too defensive mate.
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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Game being in EA stage cannot be an excuse for it's lame features or communication issues or bugs that are there since the first version but it can be an excuse for not having all the methods accessible for modders.
    Yes, this must be remembered...just as it needs to be remembered that the letter and the mod teams behind it, and at least some of us showing them support are saying that this issue needs to be addressed by TW. All it will take from them is a short game update thread from them making a statement about it. They dont need to make a list of the changes that will be made, but we do need to know if the hardcoding they are adding is going to be removed by release or not and if they plan on doing more hardcoding if they are not going to unlock them.

    A simple word would be nice. I understand perfectly how vast changes can come in a game for modding...for almost 3 full years those of us that own Empyrion: GS have been begging the developers to open up modding even more and got little from them other than "it may or may not happen" and at a few points an "Its not even possible" but with persistence and not just letting it go, they ended up not only removing hardcoding on what people were asking for but they did it for almost every single thing in the game about 4 months is nearly a completely moddable game from top to bottom where before their change it was perhaps 30-35%.

    So if they just let us know what the future is bringing in terms of what we are seeing with the increased hard-coding and how its making modding so hard, it could ease tensions that are greatly increasing...before...we start losing our best modding teams...could go a long way for the future of the game.
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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Take a good look at the Total War community, games are getting less and less modable.

    And yes, it clearly needs to be addressed by TW directly at some point but then again, the developers are not really reading the posts in the Modding section.
    You mean except for those games that are not getting less and less modable...

    Ark, Conan Exiles, Empyrion Galactic Survival, Sims 4, Fallout, Skyrim (FYI Bethesda already reached out to the major modders of Skyrim for ES6), GTA 5 is more moddable than 4 and there are literally 100s of others that are not scaling back moddability. Why did you pick one of the FEW games series that is? Again, that is called damage control...this is the age where even games built around CONSOLES are highly moddable, No Man's Sky, Monster Hunter, Dark Souls and so many others have mods where 5+ years ago how many console games had mods?!? a handful.

    But again, that is a distraction from the actual issue...and we expect moderators to bring what the community is saying to those above you so the developers find out...we NEED you as a community leader. This issue actually is the most important issue this game is facing and if you have played the originals, you know it is.
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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    Its clear the actual issues are once again going to be pushed aside and buried.

    There are so many people behind the contents of this letter and for business as usual to be happening with this is just plain disgusting. The amount of "Its early access" replies is insane. This is not an early access issue. Its a THINGS THAT SHOULD NOT BE HARDCODED ARE BEING HARDCODED ISSUE.

    No, Harmony being easy or not, is not an answer either. Harmony has its issues and all this is doing is vastly increasing the work modders have to put in while greatly increasing the amount of errors. crashes and conflicts that are going to arise as more and more of this keeps getting added into the game.

    How the hell has this even happened? TW is one of the few companies in history that was literally built off of its game being modded, to the point they even worked with a modding team for one of their expansions (which are not expansions but total conversion mods!). Yet somehow magically all these things that goes against making the game easier to mod? Makes no damn sense at all and seeing the actual issue brought forward by so many modding teams just get tossed aside like this is literally making me sick to the point I am altering my review of the game on Steam to telling people to hold off on buying the game if they are expecting a rich modding environment thanks to current development paths being taken to put up roadblocks and hoops for modders to jump through to do things that should be easy.

    This issue clearly needs to be addressed by TW directly, and not by moderators doing damage control.
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    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    +1 Been talking about this for some 6 months and its finally getting to the point its going to hurt the future of this game.

    Bannerlord only exists BECAUSE of the modding community keeping the original alive long enough for TW to keep "modding" it themselves and re-releasing it like it was an expansion only for the modders to keep those alive also so they could keep repeating the process.
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