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The Norman Brigade is not just a single orientated community focused on a single game franchise we have set our sights and aims on something much larger and ever exploratory.

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Andrius Sutous
Less then 24hrs to go. The Legion will be giving away one copy of Bannerlord to one person inside the Legion
Andrius Sutous
Start gearing up for some custom events starting soon.
Andrius Sutous
Start gearing up for some MP private events starting soon!!
You guys active on multiplayer?
Hello How do you join ? what is the current age group in the clan ?
Andrius Sutous
Andrius Sutous
Average age is about 23. Are you still interested.
I have some ideas they should add to Bannerlord, First, you know how you speech check someone joining your kingdom or the one you are in? and then you have to barter them? Why not have their faction leader as a prisoner and barter them away and that's good enough instead of absurd amount's of...
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