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I have some ideas they should add to Bannerlord, First, you know how you speech check someone joining your kingdom or the one you are in? and then you have to barter them? Why not have their faction leader as a prisoner and barter them away and that's good enough instead of absurd amount's of gold? They talk about fighting for their lives and it will be treason but if you hand the faction leader over as a prisoner then that should be good right? Second of all, at the end game when you have conquered every kingdom, could it fast forward some how to die or give you the option so you don't have to start a new game and play as one of your heirs? They grow up with you and everything and it can be like those minor factions that can join anyone. Take the empress daughter for example, Ira basically does her own thing. In my original playthrough I have 3 kids and I'm on day 1000 and haven't seen them grow up yet. I hope it doesn't act like real time for them to grow because that will take a long ass time. I want to atleast fight along side with my children like the Empress and her daughter. I hope this all makes sense.
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