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The Calradic Campaign, a multiplayer event with a persistent map hosted by /r/mountandblade and founded in 2016.

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Calradic Campaign #50 Wrap-Up

Well folks, this is it for now.

Its been a hell of a time, these past years - how else could you say it? And I would go grey, or more so than I already am, if I tried to recall by name everyone in need of thanking. This old diamond in the rough we call Warband gave a lot of people the chance to do something exceptional, and in that long wait for the sequel that would have left a lesser community gathering cobwebs we did something extraordinary. Now we have a wait of our own ahead of us - we'll keep doing casual events in the interim, but this is the end of this story. Until Bannerlord is ready for us, this is goodbye for now.

A heartfelt thanks to -

Our scene makers, that have made every event unique,

Our Kings, Lords, and all the rest that made up the panoply of character in the community,

Our Patrons, who kept it all running,

Our council, who put it all together,

Our moderation staff, who have seen some ****,

Everyone that turns up for events and parses these endless posts,

and above all, Taleworlds, for the chance to do any of this in the first place, and a chance to do it all again!

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It is our convention to consider each town to be worth two castles, so here are the final tallies.

In a distant first, after years of steady progress and few setbacks, The Kingdom of the Vaegirs with, 8 towns and 19 castles, for a total of 35

Defending their homeland impeccably and running away with a last minute push to second we have The Khergit Khanate, with 5 towns and 9 castles, for a total of 19

In third, living up to their name and owning the entire northern coast, we have The Kingdom of the Nords with 4 towns and 8 castles for a total of 16

Following close behind in fourth, and finally completing the crusade they set out from the start, we have The Kingdom of the Rhodoks, with 3 towns and 9 castles for a total of 15

In fifth, with a severe lats minute contraction, we have The Sarranid Sultanate, with 2 towns and 3 castles for a total of 7

And last but not least, gone from this earth but not from our hearts, The Kingdom of Swadia has kicked the bucket and joined the choir invisible!

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Long live the Nords
Swadia never falls!
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