Calradic Campaign

The Calradic Campaign, a multiplayer event with a persistent map hosted by /r/mountandblade and founded in 2016, now waging war in Bannerlord as of 2022!

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Unfamiliar with the Calradic Campaign? Have no fear! The Calradic Campaign is a casual, player driven, story based event. There are no strict rules or signups, and players of all skill levels often come! If you've never tried multiplayer, now is your best chance to experience large scale battles without the overly strict practices typically found in line battle style events.

Victories in our flagship monthly events are represented on the overall campaign map, while roleplay surrounding the events and their consequences takes place both during said events and on the community Discord. Joining the Discord allows you to communicate with your fellow faction members, trash talk others, and rise through the ranks to one day become lord of a village, castle, city, or if you're particularly successful, an entire kingdom!

To join the event, you will need our Calradic Campaign Module. This allows the server to go beyond the 120 player cap alongside other stability fixes. In the future, this may even expand to allow us more advanced game modes and sieges!

Make sure the Dedicated Custom Server Helper is disabled in your multiplayer launcher, and that the CC Module is enabled!

Note to clans: While the Calradic Campaign is a public event to all, clans will not be allowed to organize their own formations and must spread out between teams. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in suspension from the event.

You can find a more in depth guide to the Campaign here:
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