Calradic Campaign

The Calradic Campaign, a multiplayer event with a persistent map hosted by /r/mountandblade and founded in 2016.

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The /r/mountandblade official event, the Calradic Campaign is a monthly multiplayer event that emulates the native Mount and Blade experience in a social setting. The six native factions battle over territories on a semi-random rotation, with each faction having a commander to lead their army through Discord voice chat. Most events follow a similar format - the factions fight it out in a pitched field battle, with the winner attacking the loser's castle. The siege then determines the outcome of the event, and whether or not land is taken.

For more information, please follow the above links to the starter guide or our discord where we will be happy to answer any questions.

Server Location: New York (Many international members attend regardless)
Player Count: 200 limit, currently we are hitting about 90-120 per event.
Host: /r/mountandblade subreddit
Contact: Reach out to SuicidalCake#1262 or Saultnami#1012 on Discord.
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