WWII: China Battlefield (for 1.011, not for Warband) Description & Downloads


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This SP game is for 1.011 only, not for warband!

It begins in July 1937, there are 8 main factions in this mod:

National Party Local Army and National Party Center Army (Kuomintang)
They are leaded by Jiang Jieshi(Chiang Kai-shek) formally, but they never pulled themself together. Jiang Jieshi controls central armies, which have better equipments and weapons. The other warlords have themself local armies, but they intend to fight for themself only.
national party, central army
national party, local army

8th Route Army and New 4th Army
Mao Zedong and his red army has survived NP's encirclements and suppressions, now they want to unite other chinese armies and fight against japanese with them together.
8th Route Army(not the sergeant guys)
New 4th Army

Northeast Anti-japanese Alliance
These bravest soldiers fought against the japanese invaders alone since 1933, they got nearly nothing from Republic of China government to support. now the guerrilabands are getting weaker, they must find a way out.
(waiting for screenies)

Japanese invaders
The invaders have carfully stage-managed this invasion. Experienced officers, well trained soldiers, powerful artileries and warcrafts and bountiful supplies are waiting in their base in manchuria. They are dreaming of defeating china in 3 months.
japanese invaders

Puppet Regimes and Puppet Manchuria Regime
They are set up by japanese invaders. The Puppet Manchuria Regime is the biggest one.
Puppet Army
puppet army
Manchurian Army
(waiting for screenies)
Warning: Player is not allowed to join the axis factions(the last 3 factions) before their story line have been finished(4th or 5th stage).

Meshes of type 38 rifle, type 14 pistol, type 11 MG, browning pistol, beautiful chinese caps(and their beautiful textures) are from Kelavis.
Some of those new sounds are from DOD:Source, some from Insurgency(they are mods of HL2).
1 sound from KON_AIR's old mod.
1 texture(chinese_sabre) from sylxs's 自制武器&天堂2武器.
1 texture (horse_lowlander) is from Open Source Project, sorry can't find out your name, please pm me.

Thank you mtarini for making OpenBRF, it is really a good tool, and I do want to pay for your work, cause it saves lots of my time and allows the modders to do more creative changes.
Thank you Thorgrim for making BRFedit.
Thank you kelavis, oolonglgx, rubikfoxyman暗暗十分, aliang227,  without your helps and advices of dealing with module system, I would never go this far.
Thank you everyone who's supporting me, from both this forum and mountblade.com.cn.
At the end, thank you Armagan and the other team members, who have made such a great game and allowed us players to realize our thoughts(although this engine is still no good enough and we are short of official modding tools), thank you!

WW2: China Battlefield 3nd Version.

1, Large scale usage of fully automatic weapons, artilleries and mines.

2, New tactic and formation functions with ultra high freedom:

Combat Tactic and Squad Formation System

Design your combat tactic plans against enemies.

Assign your troops according to their arms of services to your squads.

Array squads' formations at your pleasure.

Under these 3 interfaces, you can click F1 to check their help files.

3, New Animations for different kinds of guns and mortars shooting poses

4, New items including flamethrower, new particle effects, some small creative changes and bug fixes.

(wearing breathmask fighting in the gas)

Read the mod introductions before you try these new functions, or it's may hard to understand!
Also, to avoid game keys and mod keys disturbing each other, I recommend you to set the game keys like 1 ~ 6 to numpad 1 ~ 6, F1 ~ F3 to numpad 7~ 9.

WWII:China Battlefield - 3nd Version download address:
update on mbrepository:

March 15 update, no need to start new game if you already has the Feb 28 version:

WW2: China Battlefield 2nd Version.

Major changes:

5 Whole new systems:

1, Public Order System
Every center(town, castle and village) has this new property: Public Order. It is the reflection of how much the government and the local situation satisfy the residents.
The higher the public order is, the more efficiency the governer's order will be executed. The lower it is, the easier the management(such as automatically recruiting and manufacturing) failed.
Many things can influence the public order, player can also build some buildings or take some measures to improve it.

2, New Building System
School -- college, camp -- barrack, stall -- stable -- manege, workshop -- armory -- arsenal -- ordnance factory, radio post... not only these new buildings, they also have their own funtions that you can't abandon. They should all work together if you want a great modern army(modern I mean middle period of 20th :wink:).

3, New Weaponry System
Manufacture yourself the swords, guns, grenades and ammos you need(if you have at least a workshop and enough craftsmen)!

4, Arming Soldier System
For a long time we consider the old MnB soldier upgrading system too flawed: why the hell can a farmer become a knight if he simply managed to kill enough enemy? Don't he need 20000 denars to buy the horse and armor, or should I provide him?
Now the soldiers don't have this privilege any more! Maybe they will pickup some pistols in the battlefield, but if you don't give them rilfes or MGs or first aid kits, they never have any chance to be riflemen or machinegunmen or medic. You are the commander to decide who can be this or that.
Remember the the weapons you had your men made in the workshop and the horses your grooms give you, now? Equip your soldiers with them! Don't want to collect the crappy trophies before? Now you can simply throw them to the foreman of workshop or your baggage, let your soldiers pick them up when they were recruited or armed.

5, Special Soldiers Ability System
This is the easiest one to understand. Medics can heal the troops, both in the battle and in the world map; generals can improve your tactices; officers can train your soldiers, they can also do many things if you assign them to garrison in your centers; local guides can increase your marching speed; with radioman, you are able to contact with your centers which have commanding officer and radio post from any distance ... ...

These are the new systems. They have been done more than 80%, now I need you to help me finish them by playing this mod and report me all the bugs or things you don't like, even things you can't understand.
Come on guys, dowload it and enjoy the game!(hopefully with the new musics, ha)

Relative smaller changes

1) There are 8 main factions now.
The 3 new ones are: National Party Center Army (NPCA), New 4th Army (N4A) and Puppet Manchuria Regime.

2) No weapon merchant any more.
None of the governments in china at that period want civilians to buy any weapons too easily, you have to deal with their baggage officer if you want to buy one, except you own the town.

3) The proportion of parties’ arms of services has been regulated.
No more overpowered amount of MGs or Coehorns. The centers’ garrison is also limited.

4) New arithmetic for recruit from centers.
The kind of volunteers is no longer same with the faction the center belongs. The volunteers will fit in with your faction form.
The volunteer amount is related with the last day you recruited there, the public order and the prosperity. Losing resident will also cause reduction of prosperity. Player can also recruit from towns now.

5) Player can find First Aid Kits from baggage officer’s items.
With them you can heal yourself in the battlefield.

6) Fixed some weapons:
All automatic weapons allow only burst fire, now.
Coehorns are not allowed refilled with crossbows bolts.
Remade most firing sounds.

7) LMGs were weakened a little but SMGs were enhanced.
Scripts of burst fire of guns and area damage of muskets (actual shotguns) were improved.
Now they hit the nearer targets more and farther targets fewer. The farther the bullets go the wide they spread. There won’t be the circs like 4 bullets burst hits 8 people.

:cool: When player is wearing the same uniform the town's faction used, the successful sneaking chance is bigger. If you wearing their enemy’s helmet or uniform, you will be disclosed easily.

9) Added some new commands for the battlefield:
Press Z to command your soldiers kill the enemy MGs and Coehorns first.
Press X to let your men finish enemy officers first.
Press M to call your medics follow you.
Press the same key again to cancel that command. Z and X command would make your soldier walk toward the targets, so you better don’t use these before the two sides fight hand-in-hand.

10) Player’s relationship with every center will reduce every day.
Because you are a warlord and people always don’t like warlord. But the relationship has different floor levels correspond with different factions.

11) Some of the parties‘names have been changed to their army or division’s designation.

12) Added some measures to improve your party morale.
Different factions have different way. You can’t use one measure too much in a short time period.

13) There are also some ways to improve the relationship between you and centers.

14) Reduced communist parties’ wage to 80% of common level.
Player will also be effected if he joined 8RA, N4A or NEAJA.

15) Press X when you are in world map to call the camp menu directly.
You can also press X, P etc. in some situations which you are normally not allowed to do so, for example siege menu and siege waiting.

16) Player is able to assign garrison in his village.

17) Reduced all building time to 1/3 of original time.
The money you spend on buildings would directly increase the prosperity of that center.

1:cool: You can turn prisoners (not heroes) into laborers in any center.
The prosperity and relationship will improved immediately. All AI’s centers will also do the same thing timely.

19) You can reorganize your bandit soldiers into your faction regular soldier, so they can be upgraded and rearmed.

20) Redid the NEAJA’s troop’s uniforms.(70% done)

21) 17 new beautiful chinese style music.

22) Persuasion skill slows down the negative influence of recruiting prisoners to party morale according to its level.

23) something else I can't remember. :mrgreen:

WWII:China Battlefield - 2nd Version download address:
music pack

It's would be a little hard to find the download link from the 2shared website, roll screen to bottom, you can see this: Save file to your PC: click here


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I'm rather intrigued... Downloading now. BTW Congrats on the subforum and being the Featured Mod! :mrgreen:


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Congrats on the Above ( Im so lazy )

I Downloaded it yesterday and joined the 8th Route Army. Its Brilliant! I love it

Reputation with Dilios increased by 80


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Very impressive.  Bold adaptation (mixed modern / ancient combat), interesting and uncommon setting, and a hell of a lot of work on the recruiting and economic systems.  Downloading now.


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Got  nothing to do and this seems interesting downloading maybe you can integrate seabattle


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Problem extracting it and putting it into the Modules folder.

I dled it, then extracted it and put it into C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\Modules. The normal folder that would show up after didn't show up, just a bunch of notepads like music, skills, actions, skins, scene_props, etc. I dled Chaos at War, Eagle and the Wolves, Extended Gameplay III and Europe 1200, i did not encounter this problem. Help please? Don't know if this is in the right section, I just started.

I downloaded from all sites, didn't work.


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you can build a new folder under C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\Modules, name it WWII: China Battlefield, extracte everything into this folder.


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If i might add it would be much more nicer if it had an new map instea of th old calradian map that was quite a bummer


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firemourn said:
If i might add it would be much more nicer if it had an new map instea of th old calradian map that was quite a bummer
Read the development plan:
4th Stage: Replace world map, centers‘ scenes, adjust strategic systems.
1) replace calradia with china world map, icons          0%


I've got to say, this is probably one of the best mods I've ever played.


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Berpol said:
firemourn said:
If i might add it would be much more nicer if it had an new map instea of th old calradian map that was quite a bummer
Read the development plan:
4th Stage: Replace world map, centers‘ scenes, adjust strategic systems.
1) replace calradia with china world map, icons          0%

I am so sorry :p i read over that piece :smile: