[WMT 2] Congratulations, Credits and Closing Thoughts

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Congratulations, Credits and Closing Thoughts

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen.
I wrote this as Erminas's deputy as he was unavoidably detained ^^
The second season of the Warband Masters Tour was another fantastic tournament with upsets, thrilling matches and great competition. Before offering the traditional, yet heartfelt, thanks to all those who contributed to the smooth running and overall success of the tournament we are pleased to congratulate those who placed on the podium.​

Congratulations to Apis Europae, who on their first visit to the WMT have taken their 9th tournament gold. Since their formation in Feb '12 AE have dominated the tournament scene, displaying consistency and good comradeship, and it now seems fitting that they also take the title of "The Masters"

Congratulations to Polish Eagles for a well deserved Silver. PE were the surprise finalists, as their wins in the Knock Out section against teams who placed higher in the table were not predicted by many. The silver trophy here, against some superb teams, is an achievement few teams can boast so you should be proud of your accomplishment.

Not all treasure is silver and gold! Congratulations Castellans for a well fought tournament during which they proved that they are tough enough and have the capability of causing surprising upsets for strong teams.

Final Placements
Single Elimination

Although they did not make it to a medal this time it isn't an easy task to reach top 4 and Fearless should be congratulated on making it to the semis where they were knocked out by the eventual champions, AE.

Those teams who went out in the Quarter Finals, also have reason to be proud of their tournament performance.
Irish Rebels played an excellent tournament, their only losses in the regular season were to Random Force and AE. IR went out in the quarters after taking AE to the Winterburg, a stonking match that is worth watching again.

After joining late and missing the first week Random Force had no losses in the Regular Season, including beating the eventual winners AE. They finished the regular season second in the table and were expected by many to go on to the final. They lost in the quarters to Castellans, whom they had defeated only the week before.

Aqualitas went through to the Single Elimination 3rd in the table having only 2 losses in the Regular Season. After a close match they went out to eventual finalists PE.

Wonwokie also had only 2 losses in the Regular Season and went out in the quarters after a close match. Unfortunately they had only 7 players ready for the match and played the first map 1 down, their 8th player turned up for the second map and they pulled it back to 6-9.

Final Placements
9th - 20th

09 Tranquillty
10 Kattegat
11 Ferocious Trident Wielders
12 Defenders of Faith
13 East End Elite
14 Kak vsegda
15 Cheshire Cats Clan
16 Liberation of Noobs
17 Ortalionowi Rycesze
18 Enigma
19 NabClub
20 HITMEN & Warsong Clan


First up our Official Sponsors SimRai who have supported many Warband tournaments and have been responsive and helpful when needed.  Without sponsors like this we would not be able to run such inclusive tournaments where teams without their own practice server can be sure of a place to scrim with other teams on the tournament maps. Remember to check out SimRai whenever you are considering a server of your own.

Admin Team:
First and foremost Erminas is the onlie begetter this tournament, it was his idea, and he has worked on every aspect of the tournament to make it the best that it can be. From meticulously checking every detail to staying up all night to repair maps, he has put enormous effort and time into making the tournament the best experience possible for the participants. When he had a spare moment due to help from other admins he filled the time by finding new ways to promote participation in the tournament, notably the Free Agents thread and Predictor Game. His diligence and hard work have made this the smoothest running tournament in Warband.

Since Robin offered to help out with the tournament he has taken on everything that was asked of him willingly and capably. He has shown admirable ability to learn from mistakes and with increasing experience he has been able to successfully take on more and more aspects of the tournament administration. For this tournament we reverted to hand checking the match logs and have found Robin's speed and skill at doing so particularly invaluable.

The admins had help, advice and support from our official consultant, Kohath. In addition I want to thank Deacon for being available and helpful whenever I had a question.

We could not have done what we did without all the wonderfully helpful people in the community. Collectively we would like to offer our thanks to:

Server Donors:
Thanks to all those who generously donated servers to give more options to teams, namely DoF_Viglaf, Gibby, Skrypt (check out his ambitious project here) and ofc Taleworlds via Captain Lust who have once again supported the community with their NL servers.

We owe a huge debt to those players who give up their precious practice/play time to referee other team's matches. Rome was particularly magnificent reffing almost one match a week. We are also indebted to Raven, Ascarion, Robin, Surkan, White Noise, Erminas, Gassett, Kiano, Krex & Luther.

Streamers and Tournament Promotion:
Thanks to an amazing community effort we have a massive amount of streams/VoDs for this tournament, 32 in total. From the rapidly put together Week 1 picking Order Draw, which managed to include many team representatives at short notice, to the polished excellence of Greed's many faceted streams to the non voiced recording of match play. In no particular order and certainly with omissions that I hope to have time to remedy, thanks to: Greed, Raven, Oliveran, Piccolo, Kohath, Gasset, Aeronwen, Fozzy, Blivandefar, Cleric, Prince, Smiley, Tallie, Kane, Nexoner, LeRoux, Ciiges, Hippotitis, Apollo, Kragen, Foley, Deacon, Rayden, Horace, Erminas, Darin & Yami.

The awards were provided by Chat Noir who is always helpful, always timely and always comes up with the perfect image. Kohath & Erminas provided many graphics for the tournament.

As ever our stats maestros, Yami & Harman, entertained us with information from every match in the tournament. Good humouredly taking the time to tender quantities of interesting stats in amusing formats. From which we learn there were 8713 kills in this tournament and 388 teamkills.

Congratulations to asdaasdas (Dopey) for winning The Predictor Game with a grand total of 845 points, with 41 correct results and 12 correct scores predicted.

Thanks to all those who contributed to WMT2 Previews and Reviews, many of them available on MnBComp’s Facebook page with Deacon, Cleric, Warhammer, Fietta, Greed, Piccolo, Nevino, Rayden, Pendragon, Menethil, Oliveran, Dragz, Blackhawk, Deacon, Tardet, Gibby, Apollo & Kragen.

Map makers:
Thanks to every single one of you for taking your time to make/edit maps. It was fun to widen the map pool and include as well as the classic maps that have stood the test time of time, newer maps to challenge the teams to adapt to different conditions.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us, and especially those who offered constructive criticism. Special mention here for Osiris who suggested the immensely successful Free Agents thread.
Thanks to all 23 teams that signed up for the WMT2 of which 22 played at least one match and 20 completed the Regular Season.
Thanks to every single of 496 players that were signed up for their respective teams, of which 348 were capped. I hope that all of you who played in matches felt like everything was under control and that only thing you needed to do was play and enjoy game.
To all viewers of our streams,
To everyone that followed one of our streamers on twitch,
To all of you that liked/favorite facebook/twitter posts on various accounts.

Finally, we would like to thank all the players and captains for participating in this second season of teh Warband Masters Tour and for respecting the rules, written to promote an equal and accessible tournament. We wish you all the best of luck in the next tournament with your respective clans and hope that you all enjoyed it.

P.S. Chat was kind enough to also make sigs of our WMT awards for the teams

Graceful Players:
a_bathing_ape, Achto, Adrian, Aeronwen, Aetolian, Airelhach, Ake, Akkarin, Alaric, Alejanbro, Aleksey, Alene, Alex, Alex_Bus, All Luck, Anchor, Anders, animewnoe, Anthony, Apollo, Argon, Arraknia, Arya, Arys, Ascarion, Asediado, Athanor, Attila, axL, AZAN, Azrael, Balgy, Balon, bashbashbashbash, Beansacks, Beefy, Beelzeboss, Bendetto, Berg, Berlinatta, Bertalicious, Bertrem, Bill Gittish Schism, Blackhawk, BLACKTIDE, Blade, blivandefar, Bloody_Death, Bloody_Mary, Blue, Boar, Bonebreaker, Boris, Brian, Broomstick, Bruce, Bubbu, Bubs, Buccaneer, Bullsara, C, Caius, Caratacus, CarpeDiem, Cavetroll, CB, Cercatrova, Chaff, Charlini, ChatNoir, Cheese, Chev_The_Euwian, ChubbyCat, Ciastko, Cipher, Cleric, Cobby, ColonelKurtz, CommanderSPQR, Corey, Corgan, Cramer, CreamPie, Crouzer, Cru/Crunah, Czubai, D3N10S, DaMaster, Damhaon, Danijongo, Dante, DaRedViper, Darin, Darius, Darklight, Dave, Dayan, Deacon, DeathAngel, Demann, Demon, Dest, Deztructor, Disturbed, dohfakin_slyrer, Domates, Dorian, Dovmont, Dr_Doener, Dragz, Dryykon, Duck, Dume, Dumnorix, Duncan, Dustil, Dustin, DziadZGor, Earfalas, Ebdanian Admiral, Echelon, Eder, Eduard, Eigengrau, EinherjarPL, Eirene, Erminas, Error404G, Evil_sod, Extaz, Eye Catcher, Fabio, fail, Fairaeli, FakeFake, FatalWarrior, Feanor, Fergus, Fidel Lagstro, Filcefix, Firelin, Firunien, Flamingo, flav-Berg, Flawin, Fluffy, Foley, Fortuna1, Fred, Gadric, Gaius, Ganczo, Garde, Gasset, Gate_7_Hooligan/Ultra, Gaz, Gelume, Gerik, Germanius, Gibby, Gladiator, Greed, Grifon, Guppy, Gzywa, Haakon, Habimana, Hagrid, Halian, Hansworst, Hawer, Haze, Heat, Heater, Hemptano, HipHopPi, Hippotitis, hireling, Hodor, Hojren, HolyWarrioR, Hook, Hopkiin, Horace, HORSE_MAN, Hrafn, Hubert, Hursty, Ice, ICECREAM_MATT, Infinity, Iovca, Irishman, Ismar, Jack, Jacko, Jaime_Lannister, Janusz_Tracz, Jaqen_Hard, Jarsuss_pl, JarvisAndPi, Jarzo, Jeep, Jeffrey9792, Johannes, John, Jurdas, JuRi, JustBeAGoodBoy, Juve, JY, K, Kade, Kane, Kassia, Kazupa, Kharn/Albrecht, Kiano, Kilic, KilleR, Kira, Kloney, Knight, Kohath, Konoplyanka, Korobas, Koshka_Jimmy, Kragen, Krex/Tenebrae, Kristus Ronaldo, Kubus, LaPache, Lego_Evinion, Leonidas, LeRoux, Letho, Lev, Lion, Lucifer, LuckyBlasT, LuShu, Luther, Luthien, Lynchy, M, Maccle, Machi, MALCKY, mama, Marquis/Monty, Martial, Matafiks, Matinio, Matt, Max, Maximou, Maxxxio, Meldo, Menethil, Messius, Mete_Khan, MethoD, Meuca, Middlefood, Mike, Mitchell, Mitchyy, mmmmilky, MoiBae, Momchilo, Motthe, MouS, Muzzle, Mynes, Myrmidon_Achilles, Mysterion, Nabsu, Natasha, Ncromancien, Nea, NeLe, nemesistronkest, Nevino, Nexoner, Nici, Niebezpieczny_Edek, NIFN, Nightwatch, Nihasa, Nikki_Raven, Njunja, Nomes, Norman, Novac, Noxx, Nyashka, OliESC_Xberg, Oliveran, OSGiDaPfE, OTG_M8, Othras, Otttiger, OurGloriousLeader/OGL, Oz, Pablo, Pandor, Pat Flynn, Pecus, Pendragon, Penethration, pepa168, Pepper, Pepsi, Petee, Peter, POLAK, Pon, Pony, Posh, Potatologic, Primigenia, PriNcelele, Prusak, PuffTheDragon, Purzelblume, Pusiak, Qner, R, R2N, RaGe, Rainbow, Rake, Ramar, Ramses, Rapez, Raven, Ravenstein, Rawnrawn, Rayden, Razer, Razor, RD, Reader/Reder, Relax, Remar, Remi, Richard, Righty, Roberta, Robin, Rodriquez, Rome, SaBo0o, Samu, Santa, SantaJesus, Satheron, Saxxxio, Scalf, Scar, Sebek, Semple, Semtenza, Sentinel, Ser_Melling, SerenaT, Sharky, Sherr, Shin, Shingen, Sho, Shock, Shor, SifoN, Sigi, SIGMAR, Silver, Sir_Galamad, SirAlecks, Sjtaf, Slaybot, Slow, Sm0k, Smiley, SOTAMURSU, Soul, Soul, Specimen, SpheRe, Squeaks, Starlord, Stone, Subzero, Superlilli, Supernova, Svan, SwaP, Swede, SwydeBarca, Tallie, tardeknight, Tardet, Tatarin, Teddy, Teli, Teoiss/Teo, The_Mole_Man, Thorr, Tigerwhite, TinyTrip, Titanias, Tito, Toi, Tom54p, Tomato, Tomayus, Tomke_Rosenberg, Tomy, Tork789, Tortellini, Traveler, Trebron, TRiStaN, Troubadour, Trox, Turek, Tyee, Tyhke, Ugly2222, Unicorn, Unknown, Varadin, Varangian, Varus, VenuM, Vernon, Viglaf, Viking, Viktor, Vincent, Violet, Virus, Vlades, Volshen, Waburt, WagnerKulis, Walter, Walwin, Walwin, WarCrow, WarCrown, Warem, Waringham, Watly, Welsh, WhiteNoise, Wierdo, William, Woj, Wolfus, WonderfulMeepo, Xcalibur, xls, yami_pirate, Yans, Yona, Zdarova, Zefir, Zipp0, Zjadacz, Zulu, 
Great post up there :party:

On more personal note I would like to say huge thank you to Aeronwen for co-hosting this tournament with me. I know that she has mentioned all the things me and Robin did, but it also must be stressed out that this tournament wouldn't have been this successful without her. She has been contributing to all the parts of this tournament from the dozens of fresh ideas she had, innovative ways of BBcoding and writing to checking servers logs, referees, Predictor game, helping out the streamers and doing great job promoting the competition and competitive Warband overall on social medias. She again proved that over past few years she has become an amazing admin and the pillar of any admin team she has been in.
This really should be respected and appreciated by everyone.
Thanks again for constant support you give me and and for everything you have done for Warband community :wink:

I would also like to mention Robin who in my opinion did great job as an first time admin. His great skills in checking logs left me and Aero speechless. What was taking us hours he was doing in minutes :iamamoron: Apart from the stellar job he did with logs he helped everywhere we needed assistance, from thread updating to sharing new ideas on our admin forum. He definitely left very good impression as admin on me and it was pleasure to run this tournament with him.
Thanks for everything Robin :wink:

Kohath and Deacon selflessly offered us help when we needed it and even though this may not be in the spotlight they deserve to be mentioned because they asked for nothing in return and their only wish was to help the community. #Respect

Yami & Harman. Thanks for wonderful stats you two did. Yami, we were again not lucky to make something extra special and unique for the Finals. Last time server logs prevented us in NC16, this time me being MIA. I hope we will break this curse sometimes in future :razz:

ChatNoir, amazing awards again. Thank you so much, you are the best!

Last but definitely not the least thanks to all participants and contributor mentioned in the OP. Together we made this tournament bigger and better at every aspect from organization to social media coverage. So let me end this post with one quote we have in our Rules Thread:
        We can do so little;
            We can do so much"
                      -Helen Keller

-Yours Warband Masters Tour admin team
Congratulation to AE,PE &. Castellan :party:

Were really enjoyable and nice ~7 Weeks together :wink:
Nice adminwork &. Thanks to everyone who was involved!

Lookin forward for more in future  :party: :party: :fruity:
Congratulations to AE, PE, and Castellan as well as all the other teams that took part. Thanks to the admin team for the hard work they put in, and to the streamers for showing so many of the matches!
Thanks so much for hosting! Thanks each PE-member for playing, especially people outside Polish: Firunien, Broomstick, Pon, ColonelKurtz. I enjoyed playing and spending time with you. I hope one day we will play again togather.  :party:
Thank you to everyone involved, especially the admin team who did a great job running arguably one of the smoothest tournaments ever. :smile:
Erminas said:

        "I don't;
      see any
            problem here"
                      -Helen Keller
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