Why does multiplayer crash literally every game?

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Seriously it's a joke. Practically every game or every other game the servers crash, and it's been like this for months now. I have no doubt the nonstop crashes have played a huge role in killing the playerbase. Why is it like this? Multiplayer was never good, but after a year of EA it's somehow gotten much worse. I don't remember the servers crashing even close to as much as they do now when the game first released. Why has it gotten like this? I understand that the game is in early access so it's unrealistic to expect a finished product, and I also understand that the primary focus is singleplayer ... but when multiplayer is literally worse now than when the game first released over a year ago, I can't help feeling disappointed. Does anyone have any idea why the servers crash so much? Are devs even aware?

I hope things get better, but I'm beginning to lose hope. Hopped on TDM tonight and the server crashed within 3 minutes, hopped on siege right after and the same thing happened lmao. I don't even feel like playing anymore. What's the point when the servers are this terrible?
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Perhaps it's time they focus on fixing the servers for good by actually working on them instead of having this half arsed crashing all the time.

My theory is that it's something with their provider, as it has very often been.


It's been doing it since launch, if they can't find the time to focus on it by now then there's little chance of it being fixed


it doesnt make sense anymore - who is the director anymore? are you not trying to drive game sales?

its like someone has a hole in their head because the twitch integration is already there - and competitive cooperative games make the best streams.

its like someone is purposely fully sinking the ship - why alienate your base and drive sales down?

the only reason to own the game is mp - otherwise the pirated SP is a fine standalone game.

so again... how do you turn a successful money making game into the opposite on purpose with so many people working behind the scenes?

is it a weinstein situation or hhhhhwat
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