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Warband single-player testers needed -- looking for modders, esp. scripters

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Can I join too, I have a little modding skills aswell as scripts.. I have also tested many beta games so I have expirence.


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I have little experience with modding Mount & Blade (though I have played many BETA versions of mods and bug tested their gameplay thoroughly) but I have worked on mods for other computer games such as Medieval 2 Total War. I have also done bug testing on several console games so I know what to look for, what constitutes a "bug" (gamebreaking or otherwise), and how to fiddle around enough to check over every inch of a game for these bugs. I also have from 4-6 hours per day in which to focus solely on testing the gameplay. If accepted into the BETA I will be be focused on making a positive contribution to the game by discovering any potential issues, reporting them, and making constructive suggestions in the appropriate areas of the forum. Thank you.



I would like to apply for beta testing. I have experience with scripts and have beta tested for.....
Crimson Skies
Star Trek Starfleet Command 2 Empires at War
American Conquest
Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 2142 Northern Strike
Battlefield 2


I'd like to apply for single player beta testing, multiplayer is all well and good but single player is what M&B is all about.
Ive not done modding for m&b but i do play some mods, im not really sure what the requirements are for this but im sure ill find something to suggest.


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I would like to participate in the SP beta tester group.I am developer of the Rise Of Khergits Mod,and about 3 years I am interested in modding.

here is RoK sub-forum;


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I'm not much of a Modder, all attempts have failed due to laziness, and not even much of a Mod user, running nothing but Vanilla, but had the original M&B since Beta. Not sure if that counts for anything?

Been playing the multiplayer Beta, but it's always been about the Single Player for me, making my own kingdoms, etc.
Always bothered me that you were always "Rebels" by taking a castle for yourself, so interested to see how the new 'becoming a king' systems work.


Python is text based programming its not that hard
this does give a hell of a lot of mods for the previoes version,
but not one that is really good with a large map ,more factions ,building options , and my personal favorite historical accuracy


Do someone knows how to use cheats in SP?

ib4 noob: Yes. I activated it in the launchpad, searched the forum and tried the ol' M&B ones.


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control tilde

then type "cheatmenu".

I think thats it anyway, Armagan mentioned it.

EDIT: Yeah, Here:
Armagan said:
Press Ctrl+~ (Tilde)
In the command line, type the following: cheatmenu
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