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Dear community,

Firstly, it's been suggested already, but I remind again to rid of the instant access to all of our remote virtual bank like holdings and make our money a lootable item.
For this to work properly, we need an ability to store items in a chest in our "homes", so that all of it wouldn't be taken from us in the event of loosing a battle.
So we need a home - at start, a hut in whatever culture is the player representing, then if a player has accumulated enough wealth, maybe a castle or house/manor in a town. Not just something to rule over/manage, but a place a player could call home (maybe not just to store items and visit ones family).
In the event of getting a home raided (village raided, castle/town sieged), a player could lose his items, if his Roguery level is low (as in, stash found), or not lose items if it's higher than that of the raid/siege leader. You could take it back if you sneak back in or take it back by force if its still there. Which brings us to my next suggestion:
Why do we have instant messenger level world notifications while traveling? And internet level live encyclopedia that includes all names, stats and locations? My suggestion would be to ditch those notifications altogether and use raven masters in towns/castles/maybe some villages if they have one. You would get news regarding a topic of your desire by visiting a raven master, that would tell you the last heard rumors - much like current mechanic with character location - it is refreshed only upon visiting a town/castle. That would rid us unnecessary feed of irrelevant information which is immersion breaking. To make take this a step further, even news about army assembly/peace/war could be spread this way, or by talking to a fellow lord/merchant.
To add even more depth, raven master services would only be free if you own the town/or are a vassal of that kingdom. If it is a foreign town, you'd have to pay for every bit of information, and if the kingdom dislikes you - you could be fed incorrect information altogether. Or pay a bit less to the tavern owner, but his rumors may or may not be true, and there may be a delay in his news.

What do you think?
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