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Unban request- 502nd_Ranger_Pvt_ironman3112

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I'm pretty sure that 502nd_Ranger_Pvt_ironman3112 was the name i used when i was banned, it's been a couple months since i was though
Server Name: 84e_NW_Siege
What Happened: it was later in the evening and before i retired for the evening i regrettably  shot at an admin (whom was on the same team as me) and he/she then promptly banned me (others had been shooting at the admin previously and i believe he/she was fed up with it)
Time and Date: I haven't played this game in a while and just decided to pick it up, it must have been at least 5-6 months since this happened, probably happened around May
User Identification Number: uh, i'm not exactly too sure how to find this, so if it's needed i'd greatly appreciate some instruction pertaining to finding its location
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