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Feasts were a feature I believe a lot of people expected to return in Bannerlord and a lot of people ended up disappointed at their exclusion. I have to admit however they never really provided much reason to exist outside of role playing or the increased chance of a lord you need to find being at one. I think Bannerlord presents a lot more potential for fiefs to be valuable and if properly implemented could shake up the repetitiveness of the mid game.

My suggestion would be to bring feasts back, have them become slightly more rare occurrences possibly that trigger more often after your faction Declares peace in favorable conditions. As it stands now tournaments are very good for the early game, but by mid game, both the rewards, and wagers you place are simply not worth the time.

The feast impacts the settlement it is hosted in, boosting the prosperity, and income, but also lowering the food in the market.

Lords that attend the fief receive an amount of influence depending on how many actually show up. More lords attending will give more influence. the lord that hosted the feast will receive a much larger influence boost (player included) as they would have to pay for the feast.

Add special tournaments that only run during the feast. These tournaments will be exclusive to lords, no regular soldiers or companions.

Instead of a series of larger groups battling, the tournament will be a variety of 1v1 bouts. Possibly single elimination, or a round robin points based system.

Since the fighters will be lords, the prize pools increase offering better loot, more influence and renown for winning, and will allow you to place higher bets increasing the reward further.
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