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Please add an option where we can enable full exp in tournament/practice fight
I know lots of people like/dislike this idea but hey this is a offline mode and let everyone enjoy their way. An option means you can turn it on or off at the start of your campaign so it fit for everyone. Some complain about unrealistic, cheat, easy way to get money and exp but how about some weird things such as kiting your horse around brainless guys to shoot and retreat to regen ammo completely in 3 seconds.
I love practice fight, got some good xp and money early. I've tested full xp mod and it's not cheat at all, not easy to win (except you hide your ass in the corner which i never do). Please this just optional for anyone who like/dislike it
Also let our companions do practice fight with full xp and we have to sit and watch (we can afk to read internet books/ youtube) that way we can train their melee skill which really slow if you train them in hideout or real battlefield
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