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A few thoughts about the mod:
-According to M&B: W lore, west to Calradia there is an ocean, and beyond it, the land of Balion. For lore-friendly purpouses, you should make a bigger world (as by that age, most of the Earth surface was charted, and in 1900, the President wouldn't participate in the heart of the battle, you could represent balionian lords as Field Marshals), but a better solution is to make camp-like places for the foreign forces.
-It's pretty strange to depict the chinese using the khergits. You could change the "Chairman" name to "Marshal" and use mongolian names instead of chinese, showing that the khergit territory is part of a bigger nation. And/or make camps in the eastern side of the map with a calradian parallel of chinese forces (Geroia?).
-The nords would make a better Reich, and the swadian should be their prey (althought I doubt you'll take this advice, it's too late to make such a big change)
-You could make more factions, as an example: The Reich could take part of Swadia and part of Nordland, and the rest of Swadia could divide into more nations (parallels to french and british). Cities between Nordland and the vaegir territory could stand for other nations (polish and hungarians, maybe?) and the land (including these cities) between Jelkala and Shariz could stage the spanish.
That's all I have to say, great mod overall. Keep up the good work!
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