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Hi I'd thought I'd open up this thread in order to give a brief rundown of the voices in game and to give thanks to some of the voice actors who worked on NW (some of which are on this forum). For those of you who have played NW extensively the past few weeks, this thread might be superfluous unless your considering modding.

This thread is intended also to address some requests I've gotten over the past few years asking me for new sounds for both Male and Female and also to give potential modders/players a basic look into a smaller part of the game that can make/brake the atmosphere.

As some of you know I did the original male voice sounds for M&B and Warband while Jade did the female sounds.
At the time I only had a basic SM58 mic and a Behringer 100 preamp and not much skill in editing.

My work during the past few months has been comprised of project managing the voice acting for NW, ie: finding/paying/organizing voice actors into studios in their region and organizing them with lines of text and correlating with the dev team etc. Special thanks to Joseph Bracken and Nick Redfield for helping out in this area in their respective regions (England and Russia). Also special thanks to Krzysztof Popiel who did some work with us in the initial recordings at a studio in England.

The languages included/spoken in NW currently are : English, French, German, Russian and Ukrainian
11 voice actors in total helped in creating the voices in game.
There are about 2 -3 voice actors per nation (2 male 1 female voice) (Austria/Prussia has 1 Male and 1 Female voice).

NW has a bunch of new voice combat sounds ie: Deaths/screams/yells/grunts and warcries.
While some of the original sounds have been retained, we felt that many of the original sounds such as warcries felt out of place for the period and so we removed them.

For a time NW had no generic warcries whatsoever so we experimented by adding a few different ones from 3 different voice actors (Joseph Bracken, Samuel Port and myself). It was hoped that the newer and shorter generic warcries would hopefully not flood the listeners ears while sufficiently blending into the background rather than being to much in the foreground.

Multiple new death sounds have been added and are no longer from just a single voice actor. In addition to this, thanks to Georgina Woodford, who did the English and French female sounds, we now have new female death and grunt sounds (which plenty of people have been pm'ing me for).

Rejenorst Media is not a pro studio business solution or anything so don't expect Hollywood but a collaboration of amateur voice actors who have or had some experience in voice acting.

Who's who:

Nick Redfield - Regional PM for Russia

Nick's page on soundcloud, Nick mentioned that: "There's nothing really important there, but I'll surely upload all stuff I have soon after I finish this semester and pass exams."
Evgen 'Chur' Kucherov - Russian voice M / Ukrainian voice M
Who is on the forum as CHUR and does the Warband live music packs

Warband Live Music:

Olena Vanina - Russian voice F/ Ukrainian voice F
Chur's wife who is also a TV journalist in the Ukraine.

Vladimir Kozubsky - Russian Voice M
Whose deep voice puts mine to shame :smile: Thanks to Nick for putting us in touch and helping to translate.

Vladimir and his band went on tour and has just came back.
Nick has (with permission) uploaded some of Valdimir's songs to SoundCloud (link below).
Joseph Bracken - English voice M/ Combat Voice/Tutorial/ Regional PM for England
Charlie Bloomer - English voice M
A military man I hear... though I can't remember if that's the case.

Georgina Woodford - English voice F/ French voice F / Combat voices
Special thanks to Georgina as she had 3 major and difficult voice parts to do.

Rebolj Herve - French voice M
When he came into the studio he seemed shy but when he yelled we stood to sing La Marseillaise.

Jeremy Faucomprez - French Voice M
Jeremy is the creator of the HL2 Underhell mod. Special thanks for taking the time to help us out. <- with Joseph Bracken's voice
Samuel Port - Combat Voice

Evi Stender - German voice F
All you need to know is that she's been in a warzone :razz:

Rejenorst - German M / Combat voice
Rejen, your work on this project has been invaluable.  :smile:

A little photo for each voice actor would be a nice addition, so you could scream FUR DAS FATERLLAAANNDD whenever you pass them on the street.  :cool:
Idea of adding photos is simply great) The world should know it's heroes! The sounds they recorded are one of the best and most accurate I've ever encountered in computer gaming! And, goes without saying, special thanks for ukrainian set!
Cheers guys :smile: I'll add pics as and if they come in. For now I add an older pic my friend took of me in Cambodia (I can switch it since its gun porn, but see how my hands touch it...).

Just noticed I can take pics with my webcam so I have something extremely recent.
Lol well I changed it as I might just put up everyone's pic in black and white. That gun porn pic is just going to get me profiled at airports lol.

Evgen 'Chur' Kucherov
Russian voice M / Ukrainian voice M

Olena Vanina
Russian voice F/ Ukrainian voice F
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You look bad-ass.  :cool:

Бей бусурман!

Olena has such a good female officer shouting voice, it's amazing.
My favourite is still the gent who did the tutorial... I have never had more of an urge to drink tea in my life until after that tutorial...

Also: The British voice actor reminded me of sharpe lol. Good show for everyone though, especially the Russian for his famous "Hurrah"s!
Vanina's "ura!" is especially nice.

It's too bad there aren't separate voices from Austria and Prussia, I was hoping to hear some goofy Austrian expressions from the rankers. There's always time in the future for a content patch  :wink:
I would have liked another German voice aside from mine, particular one that's older.Can't promise anything but we'll see in the future.

As for the tutorial voice that's Joseph Bracken. I would kill for his voice  :twisted:
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