MP Musket Era The Peninsular War - Napoleonic Warband mod - scene editors needed

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Current plan is to produce a Warband MP edition so we can get a release out, then build from there.


Never edited a scene? Have a read of this nice tutorial:,112508.0.html


Also needed:

2d art

-Scene props

-More weapons models
: More pistol and sabre variants, civillian rifles and muskets. is a billiant reference. Do make  sure you get the right date though!
Unfortunatley civillian muskets/rifles are absent from there... though there is a nice selection of pistols which'd be nice to get in (sea service etc)

Here are some better refs

Thanks to:
Markus II
Fei Dao
anyone I've forgotten..


cool_guy said:
yeah, those uniforms look :O

are they all rigged and stuff as well?

I've rigged the line one several times, I keep going back and fiddling though :razz: I can rig them pretty fast these days.
Dude! Those uniforms are superb!
Did you really model the straps as separate or does it just look that way? I can already tell this will be one of my favorite mods!  :mrgreen:

Also, it's nice to see something that looks like it's going to be a troop upgrade system based on ranks. Always wanted to see that.
Woohoo, just the mod I was looking forward to! Let me know if you need a beta tester as I do not know any coding, I can sure repeat bugs!
Dain Ironfoot said:
So yes, I'm hoping I can attract a few other modders to this cause... didn't you say you were in a Napoleonic mood at one point Highlander?  :wink:
I was and I still am. Unfortunately I underestimated the number of models needed. I'm happy that you started this mod.
If there is any small-medium constribution, I could do, tell me. Since my models won't reach the quality of yours, I can screw that.
I'm just not up for being the main scripter, that's too much for me right now.
Mirathei made a artillery script recently. Have you checked it out? I haven't. If it works well, you could use it, otherwise I would volunteer to make a large-scale artillery thing for you.
Edit: I just made a pretty good, complex and realistic physics system for a baseball mod (:razz:), which could easily be used as a base for that.
A Napoleonic mod was one of the first I looked for back in the day  :smile:
It's a great idea and I'll be looking forward to this.

Good luck.

Perhaps now it's time to rename the thread!  :wink:
Souns awesome. mods that envolve the colonial age,napoleonic age etc.. intrest me very much
As with wild west, I'm interested too - I can help you out with sounds and a few models that can be used with 1866 too if you'd like. Great uniforms though.
Well, if I can stay away from CoD4 and get back to coding, you can definitely have the formation scripts when I finish.  I am thinking about posting the work I have already in a thread in the forge, so serious modders can look at my ideas and make suggestions, or make their own multiple formation scripts since I am going way too slow and it will be winter by the time it is finished at the pace I am going now.  I would do this basically just so my ideas would get out their and better coders can use my ideas to make a better system if they so choose (I am still going to work on my version though).
**** yes.

Dain, release this and I will have your lovechild. It'll be difficult without a uterus, but I'll find a way.

If you need a hand, let me know.
about ****ing time, I know you've been thinking about this for a long time, so it's nice to see you finnaly took the plunge
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