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The Easter Egg thread

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So everyone loves easter eggs right? Right! So here is a thread in which you can contribute easter eggs to Red Wars.

How it works:
- You guys post here easter egg ideas/discuss them with other forumites

- We sneakily go through this thread and find the ones we like and insert them into the mod.

That being said, Don't expect to be publicly credited if one of your ideas makes it into the mod. That would ruin the surprise  :wink:.

Redstone Knight

Grandmaster Knight
We can find a secret room in Fuhrer's room filled with communism propaganda.

Also, we can find 8 pages in Praven.


We can find a secret road to lab. in Praven. We can find dead Swazi soldiers in there.

Zombie Warrior

Sergeant Knight
My E.E. ideas:

A secret room in a lord's fort where there lots of pink bunny posters
In new albion or pseudo america, there could be a room in a shop which is filled with pin up posters and pr0n mags of the time.
A lord named Armagan

btw I found a secret room in an armour shop of the swazi faction in which there is a lenin statue and communist propaganda.


Templar Teuton Hospitaler said:
Some HP Lovecraft references could do well for a mod in the 1920's =)
arlvent21 said:
matmohair1 said:
add an item that will resurrect the player upon death
:mrgreen:  :twisted:  :mrgreen:

{Then there was a more subtle fear—a very fantastic sensation resulting from a curious experiment in the Canadian army in 1915. West, in the midst of a severe battle, had reanimated Major Sir Eric Moreland Clapham-Lee, D.S.O., a fellow-physician who knew about his experiments and could have duplicated them. The head had been removed, so that the possibilities of quasi-intelligent life in the trunk might be investigated. Just as the building was wiped out by a German shell, there had been a success. The trunk had moved intelligently; and, unbelievable to relate, we were both sickeningly sure that articulate sounds had come from the detached head as it lay in a shadowy corner of the laboratory. The shell had been merciful, in a way—but West could never feel as certain as he wished, that we two were the only survivors. He used to make shuddering conjectures about the possible actions of a headless physician with the power of reanimating the dead...}
The Tomb-Legions / "Herbert West : Reanimator" (H.P. Lovecraft - 1922)




Might I suggest that one of the Swazi forts be a castle named Castle Wolfenstein? I remember playing the previous version and as I was attacking a Swazi castle I thought it would be a pretty fun Easter Egg.


for balion head armor a patton helmit and a officers uniform with the patton medals and a horse wip for a blunt weapon


A secret chamber in each capital that contain every ruler's secret. Example : Chamber of Khergit's Dictator contain world's best XXX collection uhm, i mean propaganda magazine.
I think it'd be fun if the armour shop in one of the nord cities would be a "Varusteleka" store. It could have like Varusteleka's name and logo in the city scene, though it'd still be called "armor shop" in the town menu.
Change the name of the book 'The Life of Alixenus the Great' to 'My Struggle by Führer Kampfstein'.

If it's not too much of a hassle edit the book's texture appropriately, so that it looks like a copy of Mein Kampf, with the exception that Kampfstein's face and name is on it instead of Hitler's.
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