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K sir

Dear official staff of the game production team, I really like the game you have made, but I think the game currently has the following areas that are still missing.
1. the combat map is too small.
I really like the war scenes of the game, especially the battle scenes with robots, thanks to your excellent graphics. But your battle map is really too small, every time I play late, there will be a battlefield can not accommodate my huge size of troops scene, because of the small map, the game process to give me tactical options is really limited, I hope to have a larger battle map.
2. The equipment of the lords is too poor
I really like your equipment model, it is very interesting to see the soldiers beautiful armor in the battlefield to kill. However, I think the difference between our lords and soldiers is too small, and some of the lords' outfits are even more dowdy than the senior soldiers' outfits (especially the imperial nobles), which gives me less immersion in the game. How fun it would be if nobles could wear more conspicuous and flashy clothes on the battlefield, so I could just spot my opponent in a matchup and deliver a fatal blow.
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