SP Dark Ages [Submod] Dark Age for Viking Conquest (released 3.6)

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ha3481 said:
Drax70 said:
I have found another bug,
I see riders with horses in taverns and on benches, in villages and towns.
version, screenshot, new game/savegame, experiments?
[quote author=Drax70]
I'm experimenting and trying to implement some "friendly-resourse"
I'm changing this mod to look as "I see fit.."
No no, unmodded. This happened since the beginning of your mod and I forgot to mention from the start.. sorry!


Dark Age 867AD
Current version: 3.3

I've played 546 hours at Mount&Blade in these 3 years
therefore, in my mod can be lags and bugs
excuse  :cool:


knives, seaxes, broadseaxes, axes, long axes, war/heavy spears have two types: throw/melee and melee (press X)

throw/melee is the default throwing (1 ammo) to switch to melee press X.. now you can throw your long battle axe  :mrgreen:
melee version for units and companions so they can't throw it

both types are sold and dropped from enemies..


When i kill the Lord of another Faction,his name remain in note about Faction vassals-nobles,is this a bug or it should be like that ?....ive started to hunt Alt Clut nobles


Sergeant at Arms
-is it possible for you to change all the units to simple groups, like in vanila, Infantry, Archers, Cavalry and maybe one more for the Heavy Infantry?

-I get a red script like "invalid vilage map icon in process_village_raids" randomly, during traveling, a LOT, and it is annoying.
I know it is a graphical issue because village icons change to boars, band of bandits icons etc.

-Is it possible to change the hit body sounds? Very unrealistic..! (I could help with that!)

-When trade with merchants during the night, everything is too dark. I think, not sure, this has to do with messed up shaders..

-When I conquer Wicstun and Caer Sws, it is stuck with the options keeping it for my self or ask for no reward. I click either option and nothing happens. So I Ctrl+alt+Del to kill the game...

-Some of the Lords of Kingdom of Northumbria (vikings) and the King Halfdan Ragnarsson, turtle up in their fiefs or outside, some times, and doing nothing.

-As a Marshal, I call the other Lords to come for the campaign and noone comes, no respond, even after a week.

In my opinion, Viking Factions should be more aggressive not defensive all the time, feasting and patroling around their fiefs.

ha3481 said:
HooTmAn said:

skoal  :wink:

LOL Sry bro, just saw it again.. Actually it's "Skol" only 1 o and 1 l

-Definition: Skol is a Danish-Norwegian Swedish word for "cheers" or "good health." It is used to express friendly feelings toward one's companions before drinking. Where it comes from: The Vikings became associated with the term "Skol" when the team was founded in 1961, as the term was part of the team's fight song.


without explanation..
from now on, the Blood Eagle mod in any further updates can not use any resources of any versions of the Dark Age mod

for personal insult and insult to this game..
I forbid the Hootman user to use anything created by me
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