Spain 1-19 France (Stage 2, Group B) Deadline: 30/04/2011

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Group Stage 2, Group B
Spain vs France

Map 1: Ruins - Swadia vs Nords
Map 2: Ruined Fort - Sarranids vs Swadia
The deadline for this match is 30/04/2011.

You can discuss anything related to the match in this topic. Referees can also post their availability in here. The result of the match should also be posted in this thread, preferably accompanied by screenshots, if possible.

Sir Protheus


We suggest to play on Thursday 28 April 21H00 GMT+2
Our server is DFD_Challenge_Server
Please confirm us your server
I ll request a referee
Are you ok?

Sir Protheus

Ive already had the confirmation of spainer on teamspeak but he forgot to post here :smile:

Sir Protheus

19-1 for France
Very thanks for Espana. They defended their honor until of the game.
Here are the screenshots :