Some important functional suggestions about single mode

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1 I suggest adding construction elements. Players can design their own style of the city wall, build various fortifications for the occupied city wall, and determine the location of the fortifications themselves.

2 Add the street battle function, and players can build houses in the castle. Traps and trenches. Players can deploy their troops to the roof of the house and dug trenches in advance before the start of the garrison war. After the enemy occupies the city wall, they will fight with the players in the street. The troops deployed in advance in the trenches will charge the enemy when the enemy lacks defense, the archers on the house will also attack the enemy, and the enemy will attack the archers through the ladder.

3 Players can build positions, such as bunkers and trenches, before field and siege battles. Players can also build a headquarters with guards. Players can use binoculars to inspect the battlefield and command the troops at the headquarters. The enemy may attack the headquarters secretly.
4. The spark of sword collision in the battle is too small, and there is no dynamic blur effect in the battle. I hope to increase the spark of sword collision and dynamic blur effect.
5 Add kill slow lens effect. Players can choose to turn it off or on.
6 Add the "bullet time" effect similar to "Sniper Elite 4". When the player's troops use the crossbow to attack the city, the bullet time will appear automatically. The player can see the effect of the crossbow hitting the enemy. The player can choose to turn off or turn on this effect
7 Add the command of bow and arrow volley
8 Add the flame lighting function of bow and arrow.
9. Improve the charge effect of cavalry charge on infantry. The cavalry can knock the infantry away, but the effect is not obvious now.
Add more role-playing games for urban interaction, such as farming, real estate sales, court decisions and other functions, and there are too few urban interactions now.
11 Increase the bloody effect, such as beheading. Players can choose to turn this effect off or on
12 Add the day and night weather change system in the battlefield.
The above suggestions are about single mode


Some can be DLC some as mods. Agree with construction and bunkers maybe gunpowder era like Napoleon or USA Civil War.
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