Siege ongoing for full seasons in-game (XBox One S)

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First, has anyone seen a siege last for entire seasons in-game without any action? If that's expected behavior, then okay.

I started a siege of Uqba Castle as a low level Vlandian vassal. A Vlandian army quickly came to join me and the leader assumed command of the siege, taking away my ability to launch the attack (although I was still in control of siege weapons and was still getting siege xp to my siege engineer)

I waited and waited and waited for them to launch the attack and they never did. I eventually left the siege to "do other things" and the army just stayed there. It doesn't seem to have ever lost cohesion. I watched the notification list to see if Aserai ever counterattacked and they never did. The army never moved. The siege never ended. I went up to Sturgia to do "stuff", over to Khuzait to do "other stuff", came all the way back across the map to Vlandia to do "yet more stuff", then when I went back down to Quyaz (my city), I went over to check on the siege's status. This was 2 seasons after the siege initiated....still going. Aserai Militia still holding the castle by themselves.

The only thing that seemed to put the game out of its lock was a peace treaty with the Aserai. The Vlandian army had to abandon the siege and went about its day.

It was behaving like NO ONE was commanding the siege but I obviously can't tell whether the AI would have assaulted "in a few more days."

Has anyone seen something like this happen before? I'd never seen it.
That's a bug that's fixed in 1.2. Whenever this bug happens, you should quit the siege and re-join it to fix it.
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