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Here's a pile of .sco files I've collected over the past 5 years. I don't have a clue what most of these maps are, and I don't have the required scenes.txt to use them. Best bet is to open it up and try to recognize a castle layout to find the name of the map, and google for the scenes.txt information.

Many of them will be incomplete, broken, and for very outdated versions of PW.

Also. Please respect the author's terms of use if you do find all the necessary information to run the map. This is a historical archive, not a "free stuff" box.

I'll add onto the box, you'll have to ask the creators for permission.



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Trechor said:
Do you have Nordheim in there perhaps? I've been looking for that one.

You mean my map Nordenbergen by chance? If so (not sure why you'd want it though hehe), will stick it up on a thread with a couple of my old maps when I get a chance.


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If y'all find one of mine let me know and I'll dredge up the .txt's; may add my own .sco's when I get my desktop set up again.
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