RGL Error : Unable to lock vertex buffer

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This error tends to be caused because the system is running out of resources. Particularly if it kicks in during a battle.

Every entity in the battle, from NPC's to corpses, takes up memory in the vertex buffer to track. The more of these entities which spawn, the more it will try to increase this buffer until eventually it can go no higher and kicks out this error.

You can check for this by looking in the RGL log file, you should see a number of attempts to increase the buffer size.

To resolve this you need to reduce the number of entities spawning. Corpses are a good first port of call, particularly for longer battles such as sieges where the number of dead on the battlements quickly outnumber the living, and multiple waves of troops can spawn in. If it still happens then start lowering the battle size itself.

Other triggers of this can be outdated drivers (particularly graphics) or hardware limitations (try running in DX7 and see if the error still occurs)
Not open for further replies.
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