Raising troop skill on server side

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I'm making a native, server side mod.
My current problem is to make agents have a specific skills, so that everyone can pick up a better bows and such.

The following code works locally, but not when used on the server..
If someone could point out what i'm doing wrong, i'd appreciate it.

raise_skill_on_spawn_agent = (ti_on_agent_spawn, 0, 0, [(multiplayer_is_server),],
		(store_skill_level ,":power_draw",":troop_id","skl_power_draw"),
			(troop_raise_proficiency_linear,":troop_id",wpt_archery, 110),
			(troop_raise_proficiency_linear,":troop_id",wpt_firearm, 100),


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You can't do such thing server side only. Troops's skills/stats are not shared between server and client. To do such thing you will need a client mod too.


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technically, you can do it the way you are doing right now, but the game will look very strange on the client. if you change str/iron flesh, the health bars will display a health bigger than the normal one and also, you won't be able to pick-up items/mount horses unless the troop has the required stats clientside

Muzzle C

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Sigh.. That's what i feared.
Could it then be possible to make good bows and throwing weapons pickable by modifying module_items?
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