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Prophesy of Pendor Version 3.0 Status Update

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SaGa59 said:
Meliadoul said:
Silly me for forgetting the instructions in the first place. Here they are now.

First download and install or extract the Explorer Suite (we are using CFF explorer in the suite) from http://www.ntcore.com/exsuite.php.
Next make a backup copy of game executable file (Something like mab.exe).
Start CFF Explorer and open the original executable (*.exe) file.
Note: Vista users with UAC enabled should use the "Run as Administrator" option, else you would not be able to save the modified executable to the Program Files directory.
Now go to NT Header/File Header and click File Header. There you will find a button labeled "Click Here" (on the right side). Click it.
Now select the checkbox "App can handle> 2gb adresses".
Save the modified EXE, overwrite the orginal one. (Note in Vista you must be running CFF Explorer in Administrator Mode).

Best regards, Meliadoul of Ravenstern

(Sorry for bad english, I'm read-only in this language)

This way work with many exe, but unusable with mount&blade.exe.
After the modification, the program write in error "window" in starting time: "File corrupted! This program has been manipulated and maybe it's infected by a Virus or cracked. This file won't work anymore"  :cry:


then you do something wrong cause here it works like a charme.

Due to some built-in antihack program in the mount&blade exe,many of us in the development forums were unable to perform this CFF Explorer operation either.

I suggest you do not proceed since it is not either a completely legal or an advisable operation to hack the m&b exe.


Then get off your high horse and tell the rest how you did it if you don't mind.

21 registered users and 56 guests viewing the board simultaneously. And I bet every one of them is eagerly awaiting the official release of PoP 3.0
Well I think that we are still a few hours away from release so refreshing the page till you break your computer is not advisable, especially since it will be hard to play PoP 3 with a broken computer.
Links are up people!9+ hours of waiting and playing 2.5 is gone!.
Let the games begin!

Thank you guys for your hard work!
I have a strong feeling that the long waiting all these days will be totally worth it.
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