over map controll?

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i mean like putting up check points to enter my vally. defence for the villages and extra layer of protection for my kingdom. walls? guard towers? making a circle around my area and let me build something. maybe it sounds like a dumb idea?`but i just feel like a litte depth/control on the overmap would be so cool. such a big map and the only thing i can do is take over a kingdom. i want more :grin:
i have not done everything so who knows maybe its planed or maybe something like that is already in the game and im looking like a fool right now lol? i havnt seen it. but i want to see it ...

there is probably mods or something like that for older M&B idk. i never was big in to modding.

anyways love the game. perfect.
That all sounds cool. It might be too much for them to add at this stage of development, but hey, I hope they end up having enough time to implement entirely new stuff like this. If not, I've got high hopes for mods anyway. I can't wait to see what modders can do.
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