Need More Info NPC get stuck inside walls on sieges

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Yes, I used mods.


Okay so i use the fight to the end mod that makes npc fight until the last one dies so i can bring this to your attention. In sieges npc literally get stuck inside of building since they spawn there or somehow end up inside during sieges. If i go right next to a wall and rotate slowly, i can see through it and see the npc inside while there’s no way of getting it. Easy solution: put stuff inside the the siege walls and buildings instead of it being hallow


It would usually happen in go town battles compared to castle. Once they get stuck i would have to enable cheat mode on to wipe the last guys behind walls(happened three times to me now) Happened on a Aseria town, khuzait, and empire. Usually with big battles when defenders have more than 600 people on their side at the start of the match. Probably has to do with the sheer amount and them getting pushed in. From a crack due to it .
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