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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: quest gets failed through no fault of the player
How to Reproduce: get the quest "to help with brigands" in a corner of the world (e.g. village of Elvania), wait for ages or try to herd brigands into active area. Herding brigands is not an exact science, so player is stuck with waiting.
If you are going to generate such a quest, please generate at least as many parties of brigands around the town that are required to complete said quest.
My disappointment in this situation is immeasurable.
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I have the exact same problem that is worse due to the scaling, at clan tier 4 you need to destroy 8 parties if you do this yourself but they do not spawn.

Only way to complete this is at high clan tiers is using a companion to complete the mission.


Community Support
Community Support
Hey, forwarded the issue to the QA team for further inspection. After taking the quest, bandit parties with blue exclamation mark beside them should spawn near the settlement. You dont need to lure any bandit or looters to the area. While our team is checking the issue can you please make sure that there are no such parties spawning near the settlement?
Bandit can be found near the settlement, but only number between 4-10 units. My 77 unit army cannot overtake them and chasing them pushes them out of the area and removes the blue exclamation mark. Previously bandit parties would only run so far and then delay long enough to engage them. This quest at higher levels is impossible for the PC alone to complete and only by designating a companion can it be accomplished. I now ignore this quest.
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