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GAMERS AND BLADERS, BladeCast will be going live at 21:20 GMT / 16:20 EST for the NC FINALS!!!
Myself and Gibby will be covering the match!
Be sure to tune in!!!

Congratulations to France, they had a slightly rocky start to the NC but held through the pressure and took home gold in such unconventional match. North America put up a great fight, it was tense all the way through and I'm glad to of followed them this NC and see them get silver. Shoutout to Bladecast for streaming some great matches, I envy the production value.

It's been an absolute pleasure streaming all these matches, and it has been great entertainment to watch these fine warriors battle it out in the last Nations Cup Warband will see. So thank you to everyone that stopped by the stream, the teams/admins for inviting me to come along. A big thank you to Vincent, sean, Fietta and Roberta for casting alongside me, it has been a lot of fun. And of course a HUGE thank you to Watly and the whole admin team for hosting the tournament.

It's Leg Astro and you god damn know it!
Taking inspiration from Zazus post I’d like to give huge thanks to Cal and Tardet for roping me back into covering some matches it was way more fun than I could have imagined and I’m proud to have covered NA’s first ever NC finals.

Huge congratulations to France, well deserved victory don’t let the drama sour the feeling the gold was most definitely earned

I must also congratulate the NA team who quite frankly surprised me with how well they played, inches away from victory and a performance that shouldn’t leave anyone hanging there heads
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