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I tried multiplayer recently and I think it's very fun, especially castle mode, I have a small suggestion, sometimes during the match I like to check how many times I died, but the scoreboard doesn't show it.

thanks for listening!


I like your suggestion. :mrgreen: Can you imagine that Taleworlds actually removed it?

Edit : did TW ever brother to enlighten us how they managed to pull off such a idiotic decision? Im beginning to think that somewhere in the past years TW got backed by an investor. An investor which happens to have a bratty son. A bratty son that complained to daddy/mommy how much he dies... Investor pull some strings and here we are?


Who else is starting to believe that TW just lost control over their code and cut stuff just to get rid of bugs associated with them?

For friendly fire in TDM and Siege it is confirmed that they just can't manage it without servers crashing. Maybe showing death score causes red hair to not be shown properly (Got the impression that that got adresses recently and if that's the tradeoff then I think it's worth it.)
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