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Ok after a brief discussion with yoshiboy and after seeing the original modopedia thread, I've decided to make modopedia 2.
If you want to contribute a thread suggesstion PM me and I'll add it to the appropriate section or make a new section if it is needed.  I'm sure it will start off relatively bare but with your help and suggestions it will become an invaluable resource for new modders and may shed light on things for experienced ones.
Please do not PM me disagreeing with this thread, if you don't like it, don't use it, I'm sure some people will use it, even if you don't.
Also please try and keep this post free.  So it doesn't end up like, for instance, the script exchange.

3D Art/texturing is not covered, I think that deserves its own thread by someone who understands it better.

This thread is for useful scripts and for general help.  It isn't for your mod links.

At the time of writing warband is at version v1.113 11th May 2010 (It has been updated with info from different versions since v1.113)
This is a quick selection of the scripts available from The Forge and the Unofficial Tutorials section. 23/9/2010 v1.131

Please make requests in the form of:

Getting started

Ruthven's DO YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR OWN MOD? -,48405.0.html
How to fix "Python not recognised" -,35044.0.html
Module system documentation thread -,12.0.html
Updated Module system documentation (pdf format also) -,56798.0.html
Compiler errors you can ignore -,113549.0.html
Unofficial video tutorials (does cover 3d as well as coding) -,72860.0.html

You can also check the boards below if nothing here answers your query:
unofficial editing tools -,22.0.html
unofficial tutorials -,171.0.html
The modding Q&A Thread -,6575.0.html

[Tutorial for starters] Snake's Scene Map Making Tutorial + Video Tutorial -,139214.0.html

Codey Stuff

(neg|<operation>), (this_or_next|<operation>): Please put me out of my misery. -,115008.0.html
backup your mod -,118343.0.html
Warband script enhancer.  "What is the Warband Script Enhancer?
A program that enhances the Warband engine by adding operations/scripts/triggers and changing hardcoded game mechanics.
You can check my YouTube channel to see some features that have been/will be/could be added to WSE." -,151194.0.html
 [WB] Lav's AgentFinder OSP script library v.2.00 -,185838.0.html


[b]General Singleplayer Stuff[/b]

[Kit] Campaign AI Fixes and Tweaks -,248544.0.html
Making a whole faction from scratch -,128647.0.html


Tutorial: Making new quests - [url=,53259.0.html],53259.0.html[/url]


Editing the starting equipment - [url=,112983.0.html],112983.0.html[/url]
Can you carry more than 4 items? - [url=,113019.0.html],113019.0.html[/url]
itp_always_loot - [url=,49638.0.html],49638.0.html[/url]
problems experienced with xbows and firearms - [url=,108660.0.html],108660.0.html[/url]
Sort inventory script - [url=,89072.0.html],89072.0.html[/url]
Having firearms appear in shops - [url=,112359.0.html],112359.0.html[/url]
Making 1 handed items 2 handed, thrust itc -,113972.0.html
Automatic weapons and grenades -,114371.0.html
How do I edit the food morale value? -,115272.0.html
Factionise items (like if you want an item only to be sold by 1 faction) -,117421.0.html
Changing loot equipment from enemies -,69904.0.html
Changing tournament equipment -,131555.0.html
This is from the old modopedia (this code may not work now)
How do I add new items?,6687.msg98377.html#msg98377 – robrob’s short tutorial,14464.0.html – a mistake you can avoid,10901.0.html – animation problem

How do I restrict an item to appear only in certain shops?,15835.0.html,6575.msg316865.html#msg316865,6575.msg316669.html#msg316669




How do I edit faction colours? - [url=,113544.0.html],113544.0.html[/url]
Massive tutorial explaining all aspects of SP - [url=,56798.0.html],56798.0.html[/url]
1 banner per faction - [url=,49473.15.html],49473.15.html[/url]


Massive tutorial explaining all aspects of SP - [url=,56798.0.html],56798.0.html[/url]
Tutorial: Making new spawns/parties - [url=,53192.0.html],53192.0.html[/url]
Assigning Party slots (problem thread with general info) - [url=,112983.0.html],112983.0.html[/url]
Making your wife a companion -,171729.0.html
Customise Troop equipment scripts -,53818.0.html
Creating your own companions -,130815.0.html
Recruiting your own custom troops - [url=,111689.0.html],111689.0.html[/url]
A different take on the same issue -,116181.0.html
Companion Overview - [url=,59297.0.html],59297.0.html[/url]
Zombies - [url=,62094.0.html],62094.0.html[/url]
Storing player gold variable - [url=,114112.0.html],114112.0.html[/url]
Changing merc salaries -,120797.0.html
From the old modopedia (this code may not work now),10998.0.html – a solution for quick adding of troops,14900.0.html – help with adding an NPC,6990.msg103506.html#msg103506 – a bit of python code,14583.0.html – changing gate watch

How do I handle party spawns?,6687.msg98377.html#msg98377 – a three-step “wizard” for adding new SPs.,12135.0.html – a quick SP solution.

How do I create spawn points?,16811.0.html

How do I use conditions on adding NPCs to scenes?,8652.msg174760.html#msg174760

How do I get parties travel around?,6575.msg307641.html#msg307641





"cutscene" Questions -,116365.0.html
How to fix the dialogue tutorial -,117061.0.html

This is from the old modopedia and may not work now.

How do I create dialogs?,6197.0.html - a tutorial by Fujiwara. It's old but I haven't seen any newer one.


[b]Custom Battles[/b]

How can I alter custom battles? - [url=,113234.0.html],113234.0.html[/url]

[b]Misc singleplayer[/b]

Shipyards and Hunting - [url=,64991.0.html],64991.0.html[/url]
Water travel - [url=,69810.0.html],69810.0.html[/url]
Bridge battles - [url=,68264.0.html],68264.0.html[/url]
Export/import NPCS - [url=,61239.0.html],61239.0.html[/url]
Map icons and heraldic sails - [url=,78469.0.html],78469.0.html[/url]
Hoofprints instead of arrows on the worldmap -,115276.0.html
Tutorial: Cleric in your mod -,116669.0.html
Seabattle Mk2 - Sea Battles Mk2 -,136095.0.html
1 stop tax collection mod -,48078.0.html
Banner Making tutorial -,58725.0.html
Changing items carried by caravans -,127818.0.html

This is from the old modopedia and may not work now

How do I assign a unique face texture to a character/faction and/or add items from another mod ?,16585.0.html
How do I use these funky val_max, val_min, & val_mod operations?,8652.30.html



Adding more walkers (sparse on info) - [url=,112143.0.html],112143.0.html[/url]
more info on above - [url=,112174.0.html],112174.0.html[/url]
stopping prosperity messages from appearing -,116073.0.html
Recruit a larger number of mercs from tavern -,116516.0.html
Improved tournaments kit -,182926.0.html
1vs1 tournaments kit -,196512.0.html

From the old modopedia (this code may not work now),8532.0.html – deals with a possible bug with having too many towns in game.,15183.0.html – why do towns become battles?,8605.0.html – another like problem, with code,14376.0.html – safely removing towns,13584.0.html – a mistake with merchants,11706.0.html – teleportation issues,10910.0.html – another question about towns

[b]Family members[/b]

Ladies without clothes! (I say!) - [url=][/url]



SCENING (entry points) INFO FOR ALL GAME MODES -,89831.0.html
How to make a campaign map -,162501.0.html
How the automatic map downloader works:,120148.0.html
(updated less cluttered version of above),131475.0.html
How to make a new multiplayer map (from script to hosting) :
Tutorial: Client server, events - [url=,94854.0.html],94854.0.html[/url]
How to make a new multiplayer faction -
Raising max num of bots -,137408.0.html
Teamkill Kick/ban script -,133745.0.html

[b]Custom Modes[/b]

Invasion mod open source files - [url=,112477.0.html],112477.0.html[/url]




[b]Team Deathmatch[/b]







How to make a siege map - [url=,112806.0.html],112806.0.html[/url]
Siege respawn issue (1.113) large castles or seperated spawns - 






[b]Napoleonic Wars[/b]


Guide on mapping (Scene making) -,228008.0.html
[Tutorial for starters] Snake's Scene Map Making Tutorial + Video Tutorial -,139214.0.html

[b]Fire and Sword[/b]

[b]Captain Co-Op[/b]
Co-op modding thread:]

Creating a new f&s faction -,219548.0.html
[b]Equipment (multiplayer)[/b]

Weapon Formulas (keep an eye on) - [url=,111190.0.html],111190.0.html[/url]
Tutorial: Adding your custom items to multiplayer - [url=,112126.0.html],112126.0.html[/url]
Making 1 handed items 2 handed, thrust itc -,113972.0.html


Multiplayer ship battles -,115129.0.html
Coloured faction chat kit -,125302.0.html

[u][b]Map Editing[/u] (also see gametypes and getting started) ***********************

[b]Quick scene chooser (makes life easier)[/b] - [url=,51851.0.html],51851.0.html[/url]
How to make a new multiplayer map (from script to hosting) : [url=,112508.0.html],112508.0.html[/url]
Is it possible to spawn objects into a scene? - [url=,113111.0.html],113111.0.html[/url]
scening in warband - [url=,89831.0.html],89831.0.html[/url]
AI meshes (general info and how to make bots climb ladders) -,118551.0.html

This is from the old modopedia and may not work now
How do I add/change scenes?,5751.0.html – a comprehensive guide,11701.0.html – a discussion on altering the look of scenes




Can warband write to an external file? - [url=,113265.0.html],113265.0.html[/url]
Multiple resource files/merging mod problems explained - [url=,112981.0.html],112981.0.html[/url]
Blood in Warband - [url=,107364.0.html],107364.0.html[/url]
Area Damage - [url=,62649.0.html],62649.0.html[/url]
Tutorial:Healing and teleporting - [url=,53675.0.html],53675.0.html[/url]
Health and Weapon boxes - [url=,112677.0.html],112677.0.html[/url]
Gameplay improvements kit - [url=,63070.0.html],63070.0.html[/url]
Flying horses -,116970.0.html
Changing the year -,129088.0.html
Making new hairstyles -,165018.0.html
BEER DRINKING -,231080.0.html
Various improvements lumped together -,63070.0.html


form ranks script kit - [url=,62492.0.html],62492.0.html[/url]
battle tactics (formations kit) -,34685.0.html
Shield bash kit -,44290.0.html
and -,134163.0.html
Spear bracing kit - [url=,61051.0.html],61051.0.html[/url]
Terrain advantage - [url=,68434.0.html],68434.0.html[/url]
Customisable sparring matches - [url=,57741.0.html],57741.0.html[/url]
Cancelling out attacks -,111677.0.html
Overhead spear thrust -,115814.0.html
How would you change "Use Blunt Weapons" to "Take Prisoners"? -,116468.0.html
Combat abilities kit -,62230.0.html
Magic Spells -,248551.0.html
[Kit] Custom Commander kit. Control the NPCs to fight in battles instead of the player -,57110.0.html
Troop ratio bar code -,53062.0.html



Altering the order of equipable items - [url=,113180.0.html],113180.0.html[/url]
make screen bloody when hit - [url=,92753.0.html],92753.0.html[/url]
Can I change spectator camera points? -,137562.0.html
Changing chat so players at distance can't see -,137025.0.html
After death cam -,134460.0.html
Screen overlays/ weapon zoom/ helmet vision -,70031.30.html
Related to above (helmet view) -,116670.0.html


Adding new music - [url=,112843.0.html],112843.0.html[/url]
Music modding reference - [url=,112853.0.html],112853.0.html[/url]
Editing sound files for world map - [url=,113365.0.html],113365.0.html[/url]
Original music given freely by Jon Sayles (say thanks) -,54187.0.html
Specific scene tracks (mp?) -,137572.0.html
[Music][Sounds] My website (potential resources for your mod(s)/other projects) from Rejenorst -,65138.0.html


How to make random weather for multiplayer game modes:,112639.0.html,112639.0.html
How to add weather to a multiplayer scene -,117545.0.html
Skybox info -,122379.0.html
info -,130710.0.html




Also I'll put anything regarding cutscenes under dialogues.
Some things fall into both singleplayer and multiplayer, these are usually entered in the sections nearer the bottom.  Like combat.


Sorry to bother you, I am searching the forums for one hour...
As you found a lot of informations regarding warband, perhaps you can find those ones. I know it has been already asked on other threads, but is is very important for me, and no one got the right answer. Does items limit number is higher, and how much it is, and do we have LOD ability for scene_prop in warband...
I've made nice roman's building for PoP, but the engine cannot handle it on all computer on PoP M&B, so the idea is to use item LOD ability for some of it, or LOD wuth scene_prop...




Maybe your question is answered in those?


No, but it gave me a good information on LOD ( I was making them manually )..
Thx anyway, and good job, your modopedia help me...


K I'm sure this has been answered a thousand times, but I haven't been able to find it. How do I add mercenaries to the game? I know how to add units, there's a great unit editor, but just using Camp Followers as an example how do I add mercenaries?


Updated with some stuff.  Suggestions for what to add still please. I'm not online all the time I can't possibly keep on top of this without people suggesting links.


Section Moderator
I am new to this forum and everything, as well as modding. When you say you  have updated it, do you mean you updated the links in the first post on this topic or another site? :razz:

Bad Idea

501st|Sherlock said:
I am new to this forum and everything, as well as modding. When you say you  have updated it, do you mean you updated the links in the first post on this topic or another site? :razz:
He updated the list on page 1


Adding new music -,112843.0.html

You might want to take that out, since all it does it lead to the music modding reference thread which is right below it. :p
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