Modding Question: Setting Polearms as Deadly Weapons

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The troll's axe is a long weapon and for me the basic two-handed animation doesn't really suit a weapon of that size,
polearm animations like the long axes in the native module used by the nords suit it better.

So i've been trying to give the Troll's Axe polearm animations like the long axe in the native module.
but as i switched it as a polearm using Morgh's Editor, it did use polearm animations but any attack will only make the enemy unconscious. making the troll axe completely non-lethal.

I could only think of one option as of know, and that is by setting polearms as deadly weapons (equal to the effect of swords and axes) by changing something in module settings somehow.
if anyone could offer any suggestions/alternatives how to go around this, it would be greatly appreciated.