[MB] [S] Respec Mod and Proper NPC Import & Export Mod for Mount&Blade 1.011

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Original Mount&Blade v1.011 Respec Mod 1.3 and NPC Export/Import from Statistics screen Mod:


This is an in-game respec mod for yourself and companions, for Mount&Blade v1.011. For those who don't know - respec is short for re-specialization. It allows you to reallocate the stats/skills/proficiencies of your character or NPC. You access it from the Camp menu/Take an action.

For those who just want things simple, there is an Export-Import NPCs from the Character/Statistics window for download as well.

These are ports from the Warband versions I made originally.

Respecializing in other people's mods:

You are able to respec or export/import within all mods I've tried so far. Sometimes it can "break" a mod though, in which case the fix is to reinstall the mod (but you still get to keep your saves including saves with respecialized NPCs). It is recommended to use my NPC export/import mod instead to respec NPCs in other mods - it appears to be less likely to "break" in the testing I've done.

If you want to respec or export/import in another mod what you do is:
1) rename the original txt file(s) from the mod and replace them with the txt files from my mod.
2) boot up the game, make the changes to your npcs, save your game in a different slot (to be safe) using "save as", then exit the game.
3) remove my txt files and replace with the original ones from the mod. You now have re-specialized npcs and you're ready to continue playing normally.
4) IMPORTANT - if some functions in the mod stop working and give errors after doing this trick - don't panic - just reinstall the mod. Your old saves and probably your new saves won't be affected by this problem, just the mod itself, but do save in a different slot for a while to be safe. I heard about the problem and so found the workaround.


The Character/NPC/(troops) Respec (Respecialization) mod for Mount&Blade v1.011 can be downloaded here: http://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade/mods/5912 under main files.

The Export & Import NPCs (and troops) from Character/Statistics window mod for Mount&Blade v1.011 can also be downloaded here: http://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade/mods/5912 also under main files.

For the same mods for Warband 1.158 head here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=305584

For the same mods for WFaS 1.143 head here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=306085


Any testing and feedback is appreciated. I'd be happy to hear if there's anything that could be better, any ways to exploit the mod, what works well, and any suggestions.

Please bear in mind the following information about the respec mod if giving feedback:

Due to limitations of the Mount and Blade engine - It is not possible to respec using the character screen, because it is not possible to change unused attribute or skill point totals. That is why I had to created this modification using self-made menus because changing the unused attribute point or unused skill point totals can't be done from anywhere. I therefore create other variables to hold the attribute and skill points until the respec is finished.

-Due to limitations of the Mount and Blade engine - it is also not possible to check if you have any unused attribute, skill or proficiency points on the character screen, so they won't show up in the respec screen.

-Due to limitations of the Mount and Blade engine - you may save up to 99 unused proficiency points (only).

-You might notice that when you add to your intelligence I haven't got the module to add to your skill points. I did at first but then noticed that the game will do that naturally and will give you extra skill points afterwards (or negative skill points if you lowered your intelligence!). For that reason the modificaion doesn't give skills when you add to your intelligence.

-Every effort has gone into making this mod non-exploitable, so if you lower a stat then go to the skills menu, any skill dependent upon that stat may decrease as well. Likewise if you lower your Weapon Mastery, your proficiencies will lower to the new cap eg 60 (0), 100 (1), 140 (2), 180 (3), 220 (4), 260 (5), 300 (6), 340 (7), 380 (:cool:, 420 (9), 460 (10). If you don't lower your Weapon Mastery below what you started with, the profiencies won't lower.

Why this mod?

Since I've been playing warband (about 2 weeks) I've really wanted a way to directly export and import troops from the statistics screen, but moreso a way to respec myself and troops ingame. Whilst googling and searching this forum I've seen lots of requests for it so I know it's not just me. Having said that the current export and import troop in camp is workable, I just want to be able to do it in game.

The ultimate purpose of doing this is to put the code up for any mod maker to use when it's bug free, not particularly to just release modded txt files. So as I say, once I’ve got it completed satisfactorily I shall put up my python code up as well. I've only been writing python for about a week, but it's just enough to get the job done.

Version History:

1.01 - fixed bug that occasionally gave 500000 proficiency points - oops.
1.02 - improved the screens a bit.
1.20 - overhauled the menus - in particular the skills menu which was virutally unreadable. Small optimizations and changes.
1.3 - disallowing a person save till you've used all stats and skills so no accidental losing them,
allowing locked (skills being 1/3 of attributes, proficiencies based on weapon mastery) or unlocked respec,
fixes for a multitude of tiny annoying bugs that I never noticed before like:
respec counting books like surgery towards skill points thus adding 1 skill point per book each time,
sometimes deleting all of one-handed proficiency,
very occasional random number of attribute points appearing.
other little details.


Rubik for his original source code which got me started: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=61239

Images for Respec mod:



Images for Simple Export-Import:


I'm adding this in case I'm ever too lazy to convert to an update as my interest tends to wane over time.

The way to edit the source code to export & import NPC heros from the Character/Statistics screen:

From module_dialogs.py: Additions in Red
  [anyone,"member_trade", [], "Very well, it's all here...", "do_member_trade",[(set_player_troop, "trp_player"),(change_screen_equip_other)]], #set back to trp_player before open equipment or you get two screens of the NPCs equipment.
  [anyone,"view_member_char_requested", [], "All right, let me tell you...", "do_member_view_char", [(set_player_troop,"$g_talk_troop"),[change_screen_view_character]]],
  [anyone|plyr,"member_talk", [], "Never mind.", "close_window",[(set_player_troop, "trp_player")]], #set back to trp_player at the end or you'll become the troop.

Then also code to export and import non-hero troops from Character/Statistics screen:

From module_dialogs.py: Additions in Red
  [anyone,"view_regular_char_requested", [], "Aye {sir/madam}. Let me tell you all there is to know about me.", "do_regular_member_view_char", [(set_player_troop,"$g_talk_troop"), [change_screen_view_character]]],
  [anyone|plyr,"regular_member_talk", [], "Nothing. Keep moving.", "close_window",[(set_player_troop, "trp_player")]], #set back to trp_player at the end or you will become the troop.

The same can be done for anybody who will show you their character screen.

The source code for the full respec mod includes pretty big changes, so I've uploaded it here: http://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade/download/1000003622
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