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Make Ironflesh also grant armor?

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Malik Faris

Searching hasn't turned up any positive answers, except that "str skills are hard coded".

If it's true I can't edit the actual ironflesh skill, is maybe possible to do something in scripts? where it checks your ironflesh and increases/sets your base armor levels?

I can see things like leadership and trade being used for calculations, so shouldn't it be "possible"?

I'd need alot of help actually getting it to work because I really don't understand python code enough to figure out what needs to be referenced.

But it may be too much if it has to run the script for EVERY troop in the game.


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Strictly speaking, I'm not sure if you can actually increase the 'armour' value of a player based on their ironflesh skill, but what I do know is that you can simulate this through ti_on_agent_hit operations. You'll want to grab the damage, run some maths on it (divide the damage by your iron flesh skill, plus other numbers you may want to throw in there to fine tune it) then output the new number as the 'actual' damage taken and/or delivered.

A quick search led me to this thread: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,152057.0.html, so there might be some stuff there of use to you, including a number of scripts that do more or less what I was talking about (and much more apparently).
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