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TL;DR regularly providing local economy insights could visualize interactions between individual game mechanics, creating a more interactive/immersive experience without affecting the gameplay

Gaining money, influence, recruits, experience, resources, (food) security, gear, political power and strategic advantages are all loosely location/region bound, but it doesn't really feel that way. I think it will improve the gameplay if players have some insight into the local effects of what they're doing. It shouldn't enable micromanagement but provide some visual feedback into regional trends in a passive, non-invasive way. Like subtile color changes to a regions 'aura' or something like a moodboard on the side when you enter a city for example. It should enable players to get a general sense of regional prosperity, productivity, mood and stability trends, without introducing new parameters affecting real processes.

The underlying principle I try to address is the game can be kind of technical to play and I think a great way to making the gameplay more accessible and interactive is by making the economic aspect of the game more transparent. The local focus seems best to avoid abstraction and prevent micromanagement and single-goal-tunnel-vision strategies.
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