OSP 3D Art [Kit] Dismemberment and Decapitation Mod Kit... WIP Version Released

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It doesn't work...

Can you take a look plz, in fact, the OSP of this mod (decapitation) contains just instructions for adding the feature to another mod, so it won't take too long to see ^^'

Here is the decapitation mod concerned file (with instructions): https://mega.nz/#!lxJjFSCR!OFLG_kcgPByJAGMLW3QAUsTLelWKzOE9eK8ZZmICzjo
And here the target file where i want to add it (from tocan's calradia mod): https://mega.nz/#!YoJhAIqY!BkKrq7gd5isYxRpMHwfeHIXsw1xZVcm7270MqWu8o38

I know i have to understand the logic, but without an example, it's hard ^^' If you can give me one, it ll be cool :wink:

Sometimes i'm dumb ^^', as example, for what you said in your previous post, i've tried to add "dismemberment_mod_decap," just bellow "common_inventory_not_available," i've also tried to add it this way "(dismemberment_mod_decap)," or adding the all thing in the first link (the all script)  but it doesn't seems to be the good ways (of course for every modification, i've changed lines in all "battle" related missions otherwise i can't test it in game)


I've failed and i'm exhausted of trying. If someone wants, one day, make a good tutorial on how to add this mod to another mod, it ll be usefull i think. For the time on, i desert.
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