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Javby 7 League Rules
[1.]Format of the Competition

[list type=decimal]
[*]J7L will be played in two stages, the Group Stage and the Knock-Out Stage.
[*]In the Group stage Teams are divided into 3 groups.
[*]Top 2 teams from each group and two best Third placed teams will go through to the Knockout Stage.[/list]

[2.]Points system and KO stage

[list type=decimal]
[*]During the Group stage your team will receive:
  • 4 points for victory.
  • 2 points for draw.
  • 0 points for defeat.
  • 1 Bonus point will be awarded to Team losing by 7 goals or fewer.
[*]The 8 teams with the most points at the ends of the group stage will go through to the KO stage.
[*]The position of the teams for the KO stage will be determined by:
(in this order, drop down to the next point only in case of a tie on preceding points)
  •     most points
  •     most wins
  •     most draws
  •     the team that won most encounters between the tied teams during the Pool/Conference Stage
  •     highest Goals scored/received difference
[*] Team 1 is the team with the most points etc
    QF1 Team 1 plays Team 8
    QF2 Team 2 plays Team 7
    QF3 Team 3 plays Team 6
    QF4 Team 4 plays Team 5

    SF1 Winner QF 1 plays winner QF 4
    SF2 Winner QF 2 plays Winner QF 3

    Final Winner SF 1 plays Winner SF 2
[*]The winner of the Knock-Out Stage will be proclaimed J7L Champion.

[3.]Roster Rules

1. General roster rules:
[list type=decimal][*]Every team has to provide the tournament administration with a roster consisting of at least seven but a maximum of twelve players.
[*]Any player who has played in a J7L match for a team may not be removed from that roster.
[*]Should a player not be on a roster and play for a team for which he is eligible,
then the player will be treated as a member of that team and will be added to their roster.
[*]No roster changes are allowed after the Group Stage.
[*]It is strictly prohibited for a player to play for more than one team at any given point during the tournament.

[4.]Match Rules

1. General J7L match rules:
[list type=decimal]
[*]Matches will be played with 7 players on each team.
[*]If a team cannot field 7 players then the other team is not obliged to match their numbers.
[*]Should both teams not be able to bring 7 players then it is allowed to reschedule to another day and/or get an extension by talking to one of the admins.
[*]Every match will consist of four sets. Each set is played first to 5 goals.
[*]The winner of the match is the team that scored most goals after four sets.
[*]If the Knockout Stage match is tied after four sets have been played, Overtime Set will decide the winner of the match.
[*]Overtime Set is played first to 5.
[*]Match must start within 15 minutes of the arranged time.
[*]Team that is ready to play after this period of time can claim right to default win if their opponent is not ready to start.
[*]Before claiming rights to a default win be sure to contact admins or capture screenshots.[/list]
2. General Team rules:
[list type=decimal]
[*]Each team may have up to, but not more than, 2 rangers and up to, but not more than 2 cavalry.
[*]Each team may have up to, but not more than, 7 infantry.[/list]
3. Substitutions:
[list type=decimal][*]Substitutions are allowed only between sets.
[*]If a player crashes in game, a substitution may be made only after the next goal has been scored.[/list]
4. Behavior during the matches:
[list type=decimal]
[*]Players may not delay by keeping the javelin in their own goal. Any player who has been shown to have taken part in delaying behavior may be disciplined upon review.
[*]Player and team names/tags must be suitable.
[*]Players must play with the name they are signed up under in the team roster.
[*]Players must wear the team tag during official matches.
[*]Modifying any game files is strictly prohibited. Bannerpacks and Crosshairs are allowed.
[*]Any player or team that is found to have a modified game (unless explicitly allowed) will immediately face severe punishment, likely a ban from the tournament, though the severity is up to the admin's discretion.
[*]During matches any chat messages that are deemed to be malicious, racist, sexist or bullying are prohibited and may be disciplined upon review.
[*]Any player who has, as determined by the Admins, been shown to have taken part in unacceptable behaviour may be disciplined upon review.
[*]If player or a team breaks a rule Admins will have meeting and decide if and how they will be punished.

[5.]Sponsors and Credits:

  • SimRai for being Sponsor of the J7L and for helping our community for so long by providing servers for various Tournaments.
  • William for creating Javby mod.
  • Gotha for creating Adimi admin mod which is used in Javby.

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