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this is my first post in this forum. I have a problem with a companion I recruted. I dismissed him because I had no gold to pay his wage, but it seems that somehow I keep on spending money for his wage.
My total wage expenses are 88 while I have only 18 troops in my army, and Alakhir Coalbiter ( this recruit's name) continues following me in the towns like he was still my companion.
Also he still appears in my party menu, but he doesn't seem to count in the "establish your clan" quest.
Is that a known bug ? Do I miss something ?
Sounds like a bug, I haven't heard of this. The only possibility I can think of is if you placed him in a tavern (using the + icon in the tavern screen) instead of kicking him out. When you kick him out it should show a dialogue selection with him, then he leaves the game when you choose to kick him out.
You need to remove him from your party in the open world, like when you dismiss troops, just move them to the left of party management and save the changes.
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