Improvements to fief management

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I have 2 simple suggestions to make fief management much less annoying:

- Instead of making the player put money into each individual castle/town reserve, add a clan treasury that the player can put money into and withdraw from that can be accessed through the fief menu from the clan tab, as well as the already existing reserve section (that will become the treasury) in the fief management screen. We should then have a box that we tick/untick whether we want any money from the treasury to be used in the fief menu of the clan tab or the fief management screen.

- Let the player select the individual daily defaults and have an option for the fiefs to continue building & upgrading their buildings on their own (either by choosing the buildings randomly or by having specific building preferences such as always choosing the buildings with the lowest construction cost or prioritising loyalty then security then prosperity etc.) in the clan tab - fief menu so that the players won't have to constantly go back to fiefs. However, going to the fief itself should give the players greater control such as being able to precisely select the buildings that are being constructed and place/take specific units from the garrison.
good advice..... but unfortunately BL developer never listen to our complaint,
we probably better rely on mod for these type of changes


I thought a village management system is a good idea, like set priority to villages to make them focus on generate more tax, troops or more goods
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